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Request for CMS User Access

  1. Select the appropriate online request form.

  2. Complete the form specifying the type of access requested and print it.
    (The second page of the form contains descriptions of the available access types and their corresponding training requirements).
  3. Route the form to your Manager/Supervisor/Department Chair for approval signature.
  4. Route the approved form to your Program Administrator (College Dean or Vice President) for authorization signature.
  5. Complete the “Data Security & Privacy Training”, FERPA Training & the Access & Compliance Agreement.
  6. Send the approved request form to

    AIRC #3010, ACS,
    California State University, Sacramento,
    6000 J Street,

    Sacramento, California
    Zip: 95819- 6065


  • Improperly authorized forms will be returned for correction.
  • Required Trainings via LearnerWeb -
    Data Security & Privacy (User must complete the Access & Compliance Agreement sign off that appears at the end of the course to complete the training).
    EDU:FERPA & Protecting Education

Software Modification Request Form

  1. Software Modification Request