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Smart Classroom Training


Welcome to the Smart Classroom Training page. On this page you will find instruction cards and training information for Smart Classrooms. These resources will enable you to learn about the technological equipment available in Smart Classrooms and enable you to operate the equipment with ease. Smart Classrooms are categorized based on the equipment available:

  • Basic Technology: Includes a laptop connection, projector, DVD/VCR player, and screen. May also have an overhead transparency projector.
  • Intermediate Smart Technology: Features a smart podium with a control panel, PC and laptop connection, projector, and screen. May also have an overheard transparency projector.
  • Advanced Smart Technology: Features a smart podium with a touch panel control system, PC and laptop connection, document camera, DVD/VCR Player, projector, and screen.

Smart Classroom Training Sessions

Smart Classroom Training will be available for faculty interested in learning about the technology available in the classrooms including how to use the Smart Podium, control panels, connecting your laptop, switching between input sources, using the DVD/VCR combo player, enabling Closed Captioning for audio/video containing CC and much more.

Training sessions are available upon request by contacting Classroom and Computer Lab Services at Extension No. 87337, Option No. 1.

Instruction Cards

The following instruction cards show diagrams and quick instructions on how to use the touch panels at the podiums in Advanced Smart Technology and Intermediate Smart Technology classrooms along with how connect a laptop computer in Basic Technology classrooms.

You will also find instruction cards posted in each Basic Technology classroom next to the control panels to guide you in connecting your laptop.