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Learning Space Advisory Workgroup (LSAW)

This workgroup is being established by the Provost and VP/Chief Information Officer to facilitate collaborative and informed decision making in regards to the design and development of campus-wide classrooms, computer labs, and other learning spaces. 

The objectives of the workgroup will be to:

  • Ensure that robust campus-wide input and feedback from faculty and students regarding learning space issues is obtained and applied in university level planning
  • Propose flexible and comprehensive learning space principles and standards that meet the broadest possible faculty and student needs
  • Review learning space needs and advise on prioritization of projects
  • Develop a four-year plan for improvement of campus learning spaces
  • Recommend needed funding for learning space improvement
  • Disseminate information regarding learning space needs and plans to the campus

The output of the workgroup will be the basis for recommendations to Academic Affairs, Information Resources & Technology, and Facilities Services administrators regarding learning space planning, especially as it relates to teaching and learning.


The Workgroup will be co-chaired by Assistant Vice President Jean-Pierre Bayard and Associate Vice President for Academic Computing Doug Jackson. Academic Affairs will appoint two committee members, with at least one being a member of the teaching faculty. Two committee members will be appointed by IRT, with at least one being a member of the teaching faculty. The Faculty Senate will appoint two additional faculty members. Finally, the student member of the IT Steering Committee will serve as the Associated Student representative. Members should be selected based on their ability to represent campus-wide learning space needs.


The Workgroup will hold monthly meetings throughout the year. In addition, the group will use email, web pages, discussion boards, and informal conversations on an ongoing basis. Key outputs of the Workgroup will include development of a Learning Space Survey for faculty, recommendations for development of a four-year improvement plan, and recommendations for learning space principles and standards.

March 9, 2012 LSAW Meeting Minutes