Scanning Services (Automatic Test Scoring and Faculty Evaluations)

What type of scantron form is required for the Service Desk's Automatic Test Scoring (ATS)?

ATS examinations must be submitted using General Purpose NCS Answer Sheet, Form no. 4521. This form is available at the Hornet Bookstore and The Store, in the Student Union.

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What are the rules for scoring exams?

  • There can be only one correct answer per question is allowed. Although, tests can be both multiple choice (with up to 5 responses per question) and True/False.
  • Only whole points are acceptable.
  • You can assign questions to be worth more than one point; however, the total number of points cannot exceed 200 points.
  • You can assign different points to a range of questions. A maximum of two ranges are allowed. 
  • Note: if you would like your test electronic returned to you; make sure not to have the student ID’s on test sheet. 
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What is the process for dropping off Automatic Test Scoring?

  • Fill out the ATS Request form.
  • Make sure that the exams are accompanied with an ATS information form (This form is also available at the counter).
  • A separate answer key is required for each group of tests that are submitted. For example, if you have the same test from 3 different sections, and you wish to have them analyzed separately, you would need to provide 3 separate answer keys.
  • Make sure all the tests are arranged in the same order (i.e. all forms are upright and facing the same direction).
  • Place everything in a manila envelope and drop off at the Service Desk in AIRC 2005.
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When will my tests be ready?

Allow at least two business days for the tests to be processed. If on the ATS form, you check the option to “Call When Ready”, you will be notified via phone once the tests have been processed.

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Can I have an assistant pick up my tests?

The instructor can authorize either a student assistant or the department secretary to pick up tests on their behalf. In order to do this, the instructor must fill out the ATS Release Form and submit it at the Service Desk Counter (ARC 2005) in person with proper identification. This form must be submitted each semester.

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What are the directions for turning in a Faculty Evaluation?

  1.  Go to
  2. Log in with your SacLink credentials.
  3. Click on "Service Catalog" on the left.
  4. Under Scanning Services, select the desired service.
  5. Complete all required fields as indicated by the red bars.
  6. Click on "Order Now" to submit request.
  7. The summary page will provide the Request Number.
  8. Record the Request Number, and be ready to provide it when dropping-off items at the Service Desk in AIRC 2005.
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What are the requirements for turning in a Faculty Evaluation?

  • Use only the California State University, Sacramento Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire scan form (NCS Trans-Optic # MP06-77700). Note, a maximum of 50 questions can be used.
  • Code a header form for each course being evaluated. The course number must be marked in the Course Code section and the YR section must be marked as 55.
  • Marks must be dark and precise, using a # 2 pencil only. The scanner will reject forms marked in ink.
  • Make sure to check all student responses for errors. The Course Code section must be marked with the course code. The YR section must be marked with the last two digits of the year being evaluated. Incorrectly coded responses will not be processed.
  • Complete a Faculty evaluation form (also available at the Service Desk in ARC 2005) and submit it along with the questionnaire, course headers and the student responses to the Help Desk (ARC 2005)

Note: When submitting evaluations do not use paper clips or staples, forms must be straight and clean of any extraneous marks. All forms must be facing the same direction, and all written comments must be contained within the comments section of the form. Courses not processed due to invalid course codes or incorrectly coded forms will be returned to the department for correction

When will my evaluations be ready?

Please allow at least 60 business days for the evaluations to be processed. You will be notified via phone when the evaluations have been processed.

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