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Why don't I see the software I want to download even though I enter my SacLink Username and Password correctly?

Several reasons for this include:
Students cannot access ITC or Faculty and Staff designated software titles; Faculty and Staff cannot access ITC designated software titles. Make sure you are trying to download a software title that you have access to. If you are an ITC, it could be possible that your name did not get entered correctly into the ITC access list. All Sacramento State ITC's should have been added to the access list. If you are being classified incorrectly, contact the IRT Service Desk to have your name checked on the ITC access list.

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How can I get the CD Key to install this software?

When your username and password are authenticated, you will be given a list of software to download. Click on the link for the file you want to download . At that time you will receive additional information for that software title, including the CD key for installation. The CD Key must be protected from access by unauthorized users. By downloading this software, you have agreed to share this responsibility.

What size files are appropriate for download over a Modem or slow connection?

Files that are greater than 20MB should be downloaded using a campus connection or fast home connection (i.e. DSL or cable). Files that are less than 20MB can be reasonably downloaded using a slower connection (i.e. modem).

How do I contact my ITC?

Sacramento State Information Technology Consultants (ITC) provide technical assistance to Students, Faculty, and Staff. If you require assistance in downloading, installing, and/or configuring your hardware or software you can contact your departmental IT support staff or the IRT Service Desk.

What is an ISO?

ISO stands for International Standards Organization. The 2048 standard was developed to provide cross-compatibility across various hardware and software implementations accessing CD files. An ISO image is an exact sector-by-sector image of a CD’s contents, provided as a file for copying to a blank CD or accessing directly. Copying an ISO image to a blank CD provides an exact image of the original CD.

How do I use an ISO to make a new CD?

Special hardware and software is required to create a CD from an ISO image. You will need to have access to a CD-R or CD-RW drive. There is a variety of CD mastering software available. Some examples for the PC would be Easy CD Creator, WinOnCD, Nero, and Win ISO. Toast is a well-know CD mastering software title for the Macintosh. You will find special software and hardware in the Sacramento State BATS labs that will allow you to create CD's.

To make a CD:
Place a blank CD into the CD-RW drive. Browse to an ISO file. Double-click on the ISO or open the appropriate application and choose File --> Open. This will begin the process of writing the ISO image to your blank CD. The resulting CD will be the exact image of the original CD from which the ISO was created. If you need additional assistance in creating a CD from an ISO image, contact your departmental ITC. You can also ask your faculty computer support person to make you a CD for installation.

Are there CD burners available on campus for me to use?

There are CD-RW drives available at all the BATS Lab locations. Campus BATS Labs are located in various buildings around the campus. Visit the Lab Location Map to locate a lab and view hours closest to you.

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You can also use the free Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel by Microsoft.

The Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel is a free tool that has been provided by Microsoft, but not supported. The tool comes with installation instructions and can be downloaded from our Software Distribution server to mount ISO images on your desktop and install software without burning a physical CD. You can Google for information on use and download of this free utility.

I am a student. What software can I download and install?

When you log in with your SacLink username and password, you will only see the list of software available to Students. Software designated for other groups such as Faculty, Staff, or ITC are restricted by license different groups.

The software distribution server validates your affiliation with Sacramento State using your SacLink username/password. You must have a valid Saclink account to download software from this site. The SacLink account is also used to determine your eligibility based on your status as a student, faculty, staff or ITC.

If you are currently enrolled as a student or are employed as a faculty or staff member, you may create a SacLink account. If you are having problems with your Saclink account, please contact the IRT Service Desk.

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I can't find the software I downloaded. Where did it go?

Determine the file's name and the download location by starting another download of the same software and noting the name and location of the file. Cancel the download. Open a Windows Explorer window on your machine and go to that download location or do a search of "My Computer" for the file name.

Will this software run on my machine?

You can generally locate system requirements and/or recommendations for a specific version of software by visiting the manufacturer’s site. We have provided a number of manufacturer site links in our . Go to the Software Title Page and click on the software title you need information for; most of these are linked to the manufacturers site. From there you should be able to locate information as to what systems are supported and/or recommended.

What are my options if I don't find the software title I'm looking for?

If you are unable to locate the software you need in the software list, try searching the archives and License Details or Special Pricing information pages. If you are a faculty or staff member, your ITC or department may have additional information about the availability of the software. The bookstore may also sell the software at a special price to students, faculty and staff.

I downloaded the software file. What do I do now?

If you downloaded an ISO file, you now need to open the file using your CD burning software. See "How do I use an ISO file to make a CD image?" Insert the newly created CD into your CDROM drive. Many CDs have autorun configured to start the installation process. If not, you will need to start the installation from the CD manually.

What is BATS and WSRT?

BATS and WSRT are two desktop computer standards groups on campus. BATS (Baseline Access Training and Support) defines the baseline software found in BATS funded labs each semester. WSRT (Workstation Standards Recommendation Team) recommends the baseline software to install on newly purchased administrative computers each semester. Most of the software listed on the "Obtain Software" page represents the current semester's recommendations from these two groups.