Wake On LAN-Software Update

Why do we need Wake on LAN?

Sometimes the message to install the patch comes at a very inconvenient time. By applying security patches automatically at night, your work won't be interrupted.

What is Wake on LAN?

Wake on LAN enables computers to be remotely powered on so they are available to be patched automatically without the need to interrupt Faculty/Staff during the day, as can occur now. University computers will be powered on early Monday morning (around 3:00am) and automatically patched and rebooted. If, however, someone is logged on to the computer at that time, it will not be automatically patched to ensure unsaved work is not lost.

What do I need to do to take advantage of Wake on LAN?

Just log off or shut down your computer when leaving at the end of the week which is a great way to save energy as well. We also recommend that you have energy settings on the computer configured to allow it to hibernate after a period of time to conserve energy. We will do the rest.

When will this start?

The addition of Wake on LAN patching will occur Monday, June 16th, so Faculty/Staff can expect to find your university-owned computers powered on that Monday.

What if I'm logged into my computer Sunday night?

If you stay logged on to your computer, you will not get patching automatically. Instead, on Monday morning you will get a popup request to apply patches.

What updates will be loaded?

(Same software as Thursday Updates) Windows and Office Critical Updates as well as updates to Acrobat, Flash, Java, iTunes, Quicktime, and Firefox.

Which Computers will be updated?

Only University-owned computers which are connected to a jack and have had the computer's Wake on LAN settings enabled will be automatically updated. Wireless university-owned computers will continue to receive patch notices on Thursdays.