LearnerWeb Training

What is LearnerWeb?

LearnerWeb is a campus Learning Management System (LMS) used to deliver online training; provide registration and enrollment management for classroom training; and track completion of training requirements. LearnerWeb is available for us by campus faculty, staff, and students and various non-academic training opportunities such as safety & compliance training for employees, professional development training, and registration for technology workshops. LearnerWeb can be accessed at: https://learnerweb.saclink.csus.edu/.

How do I access LearnerWeb and find a specific training course?

  • Navigate to http://learnerweb.saclink.csus.edu/csus_enterprise/index.htm
  • Log in with your SacLink username and password
  • Select the Course Catalog link under My Menu
  • Click the yellow folder icon next to the All Available Active Courses Catalog
  • Enter training title into the Search box and click Go
  • Click the Launch link located to the right of this title to begin an online training course. (A link to register will appear for any in-person courses that are currently offered. You can also click the Schedule option on My Meny to browse through a calendar of in-person training sessions that are currently scheduled.)

I can't log in to LearnerWeb. What should I do?

SacLink accounts for all campus employees and students should work with LearnerWeb. If you are a new employee trying to access LearnerWeb, you may need to wait a few days for your employment information to be loaded into LearnerWeb from your HR record. If you are not a new employee and your SacLink account works with other services, please contact the Service Desk (278-7337 or servicedesk@csus.edu) for further assistance.

I'm trying to open an online course in LearnerWeb but it's not working. What should I do?

If you're unable to launch an online course, we recommend first trying another internet browser (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) if you have one available. If switching browsers does not work, you may also choose to visit the Faculty Staff Resource Center (http://www.csus.edu/irt/fsrc/) in AIRC 3012 where we have computer optimally configured specifically for use with LearnerWeb.

If you would prefer to troubleshoot the issue on your computer further, please contact the Service Desk (278-7337 or servicedesk@csus.edu) or try following the troubleshooting steps below.

First, if you are not already using Internet Explorer, please switch to that browser. Then adjust your settings as follows:

  1. Turn off pop-up blocker by going to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Turn off Pop-up Blocker. (This is temporary and should be turned back on after training is complete.)
  2. Turn on the Compatibility View setting.
    1. Go to the Tools menu
    2. Select Compatibility View settings
    3. In the Add this website section, enter “csus.edu”
    4. Click the Add button
    5. Make sure the “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” box is checked
    6. Click the Close button
  3. Change security setting to allow display of mixed content –
    1. Go to the Tools menu
    2. Select Security tab
    3. Click Custom Level button
    4. Scroll down to Miscellaneous section and local the "Display mixed content" option
    5. Select "Enable" for the "Display mixed content setting"
    6. Click the OK button
    7. Click OK again back on the Internet Options window
  4. Test the training again to see if it displays properly.

I can't find the Information Security Program Training in LearnerWeb. What should I do?

The Information Security Program Training has been replaced in LearnerWeb with two new courses: "Data Security & Privacy" and "EDU: FERPA & Protecting Education". For anyone requesting CMS access, these courses have also replaced the Information Security Program Training requirement for CMS users.

I can't find the Campus Disaster/Emergnecy Preparedness training I was told to take in LearnerWeb. What should I do?

Employees are required to periodically take a Campus Disaster/Emergency Preparedness training. Historically this training has been available both online via LearnerWeb and through in-person courses. However, the online version of the training is currently being updated by the Risk Management department. You can either wait for the course to be re-released online or you have the option of taking the training in person (http://www.csus.edu/aba/police/eventstraining/Campus%20Disaster.Emergency%20Preparedness%20Training.html). If you have questions about this training requirement, please contact the Risk Management Services department.

I can't launch the Mandated Reporter training in LearnerWeb. What should I do?

LearnerWeb is used for tracking of requirements, in-person training enrollment, and online training. The Mandated Reporter item is used by Human Resources for requirement tracking purposes so it is not actually an online course. Once an employee completes the requirement, someone from HR goes in to LearneWeb and manually updates the employee's status. For further information on how to complete the requirement, you can contact Human Resources.

I'm trying to launc h a course and receiving a "Launch terminated" error that say "asset is not in user's catalog". What's the problem?

Some of the courses in LeanrerWeb actually connect you to the Learning Management System for the Chancellor's Office. Sometimes users run into trouble when the Chancellor's Office system does not recognize them as an employee and doesn't give them access to employee training. This kind of access issue is likely the source of the problem if you are trying to launch a course and receiving the following error: "Launch terminated : aiccpost: : java.lang. Exception: The asset is not in the user's catalog." Create a ticket and assign the issue to "IRT LearnerWeb".

Please contact the Service Desk to report the error so that the issue can be escalated to the Chancellor's Office.