How do I SFTP into the CSUS web server?

Faculty and staff can SFTP into the CSUS web server by following one of the tutorials below.

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How do I upload my personal website to the SacLink server as a student?

Once you feel your website is complete, you will need to upload any pictures, templates, music and all other content into your Web folder. For information on how to upload your files within Dreamweaver or inside Windows click the links below.

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What if I do not know how to build a website?

There are many resources available to students on website development:

  • The best option is to take a class or workshop on campus. Click Workshop Schedule to view all upcoming workshops.
  • Users can learn web design skills through practice by accessing Adobe Dreamweaver on campus. This software is installed on all IRT lab computers as well as all loaned laptops.
  • Seek help on the internet, there are many sites available that help users learn basic web design skills.
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What are Sacramento State Personal Web Pages?

Personal web pages are extensions of Sacramento State computing and networking resources. These extentions allow students, faculty and staff to create and manage personal websites that are stored on Sac State servers.

How do I activate my webpage?

To enable your Personal Web Page follow the steps below:

  1. Get connected to the Internet or the campus network.
  2. Open your Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome, etc.).
  3. After opening your web browser type in: http://mysaclink.csus.edu/ then hit enter or return.
  4. Navigate to the Create or Verity Your Account section and add the required information.
  5. Enter: Last Name, Last 4 of your Sac State ID or Last 4 of your Social Security, and Lastly your month and Day of birth, then click Verify Your Identity.
  6. After advancing to the next screen you will see an area that reads “Personal Webpage Status”, you want to select: “Enable Personal Webpage”.
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I am a student, why would I want a personal web page?

Personal web pages grant users the freedom to utilize their creative skills in an academic environment. Some courses require students to create their own personal webpage as a major assignment, while others enjoy posting information about themselves or organizations they belong to. User's can also expect to learn new skills through creating their personal web pages.

Are there any restrictions to personal web page content?

Personal web pages are subject to all the terms and conditions in the University Policy and Appropriate Use statements agreed upon when the user's SacLink account was created. Web pages must be academically related to the mission of the University. Inappropriate use of personal web pages may result in the page being disabled if deemed in violation of CSU policy.

How are personal web pages maintained?

Personal web pages are designed and maintained by the student, faculty, or staff member. Using software such as Dreamweaver, users can update and edit their pages on a regular basis.

How do I view my site?

You can visit your website from anywhere you have internet at http://webpages.csus.edu/~[saclink username].

Which is better to view my site, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox?

You should test your website on multiple browsers while developing your pages to make sure all your visitors are able to browse your site. If you are having trouble viewing your web page, contact the IRT Service Desk.

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Who can view my personal web page and is my web page searchable through resources such as Google?

Anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can potentially view your personal web page. It is possible that your web page will be searchable through search engines such as Google. Do not post information on your web page that you would not want visible to everyone.