High Tech Center

What is the High Tech Center (HTC)?

The purpose of the High Tech Center is to determine the assistive computer technology that would best meet the needs of the individual student and offer instruction in the use of that technology.

The High Tech Center is equipped with resources that offer computer access for students with disabilities. These resources expand to assist students with physical, visual, or learning disabilities. The High Tech Center also assists students that require auditory feedback, voice recognition, an adapted writing environment, or a combination of any of these resources(HTC ppt).

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What assistive computer technology is available at the High Tech Center?

There are a variety of technologies available for students with disabilities, including:

  • Screen reading programs which provide auditory rather than visual access to the computer screen
  • A braille embosser, braille translation software and scan/read workstations
  • Software that magnifies the text on screen and CCTV systems to enlarge print materials
  • Voice recognition, adjustable workstations, ergonomic keyboards, wrist and arm supports
  • An adapted writing environment utilizing computers, word-processing, and spell checkers
  • On-screen dictionaries and thesaurus, outlining/clustering, organizational and text to speech software
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Am I eligible to use the High Tech Center?

A Sacramento State student who has provided verification of a disability to Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) and demonstrates a need to use assistive computer hardware/software or equipment is eligible for services upon referral from SSWD. For more information about eligibility and usage of the High Tech Center please see the About HTC Lab Policy below or contact the SSWD department.

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Where is the High Tech Center located?

The High Tech Center is located in the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC). It includes a lab in AIRC 2011 and a training room in AIRC 2010.

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When is the High Tech Center availiable?

General business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Occasionally, the High Tech Center will be closed for testing, administration, demonstrations, HTC tours, etc. but advance notice will be given and signs posted.

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Are there any other labs with disability access features?

Yes. Each open computer lab has at least one disability access station. It's keyboard and monitor are set on a height adjustable table. The stations are clearly marked with the blue and white international disability symbol. All students may use a disability access stations but students with a disability have priority access to these stations. Lab assistants may ask students without a disability to release the station to a student with a disability. 

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I am a faculty member, can the High Tech Center assist me with alternate course materials?

Yes. The HTC staff provides consultation and assistance to faculty with the conversion of course materials in alternative formats such as electronic text, braille, large text, etc. For more information click About Alternative Media below.

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