I am a faculty/staff member purchasing E⁢ what steps must I take to meet the accessibility requirements?

The University is required to purchase E&IT products and services that are in compliance with the Section 508 accessibility requirements. After researching the E&IT products or services that meet your business needs and Section 508 compliance, you will need to submit an E&IT Procurement Review Form and if requested, a VPAT to the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist for review. Visit EIT Procurement Procedure below for the accessible E&IT procurement steps or contact the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist at

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What is E&IT?

E&IT Stands for Electronic & Information Technology.  This is any piece of equipment, interconnected system or subsystem including software that stores, manages, controls, manipulates or retrieves information for human interaction.

What is a VPAT?

VPAT stands for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.  This document consists of the many sections of the Section 508 accessibility standards, and asks specific questions to determine the level of accessibility of an Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) Product. The manufacturing vendor is responsible for providing a completed VPAT document prior to a purchase.

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What is Section 508?

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 amended in 1998 requires federal agencies to develop, procure, maintain or use electronic and information technology so that people with disabilities can have equal access. Government Code 11135 requires the California State University system to comply with Section 508. The Section 508 law and accessibility guidelines can be found by clicking Section 508 under the Additional Resources.

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Are their exceptions to purchasing the most accessible product?

Yes, the exceptions include undue burden (which means significant difficulty or expense based on all agency resources), fundamental alteration in the nature of the product, non-commercial availability, and back office products located in spaces frequented only by service personnel for maintenance and repair.

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What is an Alternate Plan of Access?

An alternate plan of access is a document created by the purchasing department in consultation of the ATI specialist(s) that covers a plan of what will happen if the product purchased has accessibility issues and a situation arises that requires a person who has a disability to use the product.

How do I obtain a VPAT?

VPATs can be obtained several ways. One way to search for a VPAT is on the website of the manufacturing vendor. Another way is by contacting the manufacturing vendor directly and requesting the VPAT for the product.