SacFiles(U Drive)

What is SacFiles?

SacFiles is a recently expanded service that allows students, faculty and staff to store personal files on Sac State servers that can be accessed from any computer on or off campus. This service is ideal for users who lack personal storage devices, such as flash drives, or wish to back up existing files securely.

In order to take advantage of this service, store your files on a Sac State network drive called a U: drive (i.e. Sacfiles). Storing your files in this way has numerous advantages: 

  • Access you files on campus from any location.
  • Use your web browser to access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Your files are automatically backed up on campus-wide servers.
  • Your files are highly secure from compromise behind our Firewalls and other security measures.
  • You do not need to use a clunky VPN client or remote control process.
  • It's completely free.

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How much storage do I have in my SacFiles?

The standard limit for students, faculty, and staff is 5 GB. However, you may request additional storage space by contacting the IRT Service Desk.

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I am a student, can I get more storage space for my SacFiles?

You can request additional storage space by contacting the IRT Service Desk.

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What is the difference between SacFiles, U: drive and WebDAV? I have heard these terms used interchangeably.

SacFiles is the official name for Sac State's personal storage server. Terms such as U: drive and WebDAV are simply different methods for accessing one's SacFiles. Each of these methods are recommended depending whether you are trying to access your files on or off campus. Contact the IRT Service Desk if you have additional questions.

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If the service is called SacFiles, can I only store Sac State related documents?

No, you can store both Sac State related files, as well as personal files. However, please refer to the Security Policies page below for more information on content restrictions.

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How long are the files that I upload accessible?

Files are accessible as long as your SacLink account is active. Remeber, once your SacLink account has expired, your files will no longer be accessible.

Will the files interfere with my personal web page?

While your SacFiles and your personal web page files share the same storage location, they will not interfere with each other so long as your web page files are located in your Web folder. Remember you will not see a web folder if you have not activated your personal web page.

Are my files on SacFiles secure?

The security of your files is ultimately linked to who has access to your SacLink username and password. So long as this information is confidential, others will not have access to your files.

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Can I access SacFiles with a PC and a Mac?

Yes, you can access your SacFiles with either a Mac or a PC.

When I access my SacFiles using a Windows XP operating system I have to login twice. Is this normal?

Yes, when accessing your SacFiles from a personal computer with a Windows XP operating system you may be required to login twice.

Are there other ways to access my SacFiles?

From a personal computer: Creating a Permanent Connection (WebDAV) - This method will create a permanant connection between your personal computer and your SacFiles that are stored on the campus servers. This is recommended if you plan to access the files often.To start accessing your SacFiles (U: Drive) from off campus choose the directions for your computer operating system:

While on Campus: Campus Access (U: drive) - Perhaps the most convenient, this method is applicable whenever you log into a CSUS lab computer or loaned laptop.

From the Internet: File Transfer Protocol (FTP): This method can be used to retrieve SacFiles, upload new files and save existing documents. Refer to the FTP tutorial instructions.