Media Server

What is the Media Server?

With the campus Media Server you can:

  • Deliver on-demand videos, lectures, demonstrations,
  • Provide live streaming of events and courses to students from a SacCT course or website,
  • Store video/audio files to be used for instructional purposes.

Faculty and Staff can request a Media Server account by completing the online Media Server Request form. Upon receiving a media server account  you will be able to upload video and audio files on the Sac State Media Server. These files can be either stored on the Media Server and streamed over the web and accessed by users either through a link or are embedded in a website.

Is the Media Server compatible with Windows 7?

The media server is compatible with Windows 7. The media server upgrade provides improved quality of live streamed and archived streamed courses, and improved caption synching for video with closed captions.

How do I upload videos to the Media Server?

If you do not have the media server mapped to your computer or are off campus, the process to upload videos to the media server is by use of SFTP. FileZilla is an FTP client that is compatible with Windows and can be used to upload files from off campus or if you are not currently connected to the media server from your computer. Mac users can use FileZilla for Mac as their FTP client. Both clients are free to download from their websites and and are inlcuded on our computer lab image.. For detailed instructions about uploading content to the media server, please visit the Media Server Uploading Files website. On the media server website you will also learn how to:

  • Request a media server account if you don't already have one,
  • Upload and download video/audio files to and  from the media server,
  • Create links in your SacCT course or web page to video stored on the media server.
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I have more questions about the Media Server. Who do I contact for assistance?

For questions about the new media server or to get help contact Academic Technology and Creative Services ATCS at 278-3370 or email at