Email Upgrade

What changes can I expect to see after my email is moved?

  • Your email address will be the easier to use "".  You will no longer have to add or use email.
  • You will have increased email storage spaceYour email will be hosted by Microsoft Office 365, but still managed by the campus
  • Your email will be hosted by Microsoft Office 365, but still managed by the campus

What will be the same after the move?

  • You will still access your email through My Sac State.
  • You will still use your current Sac State user name and password.
  • Your instructors and friends will still contact you by email in the same way.

When will my email be upgraded?

The email upgrade will begin in mid-August and will take weeks for every mailbox to be transitioned.  You will not know in advance the exact date or time of your individual upgrade.

What do I have to do to get ready for my mail to move?

You will not have to do anything; IRT will ensure your email is moved for you. We do advise that you upgrade your Internet browser to the latest version available.

Will this affect my email on my mobile device?

Yes.  You will have to change your email configuration settings on your mobile device, including tablets.  Configuration settings for specific devices can be found on

How will I know if my email has been upgraded?

On the computer you will be asked to select your time zone.  However, on your mobile device you may temporarily not be able to receive or send email. Check out the E-Mail website to learn how your device will be affected.

Why is my Sac State email moving to Microsoft Office 365 cloud service?

This is the first step in moving students to valuable Office 365 services for students. Although only email is moving to Office 365 at this time, we will be able to provide many additional services to you in the future (e.g. cloud storage, calendar enhancements, communication services). 

I am having trouble getting to my email in MySacState. How do I get to my email?

If you are having trouble getting to your email inside MySacState try logging off and logging in again.  If you still are having trouble please clear your browser cache and cookies.