Faculty/Staff Email

How do I send and receive e-mail from home?

Web-based e-mail is available through Outlook Web Access. With Web-based e-mail, you can access your SacLink e-mail from virtually anywhere in the world that has Internet access without needing to configure the computer you are using. The e-mail stays on the mail server and has an easy to use Web interface. The interface is full-featured and offers calendar, contacts, notes and tasks access. You can also check your SacLink e-mail by using a Web capable cellular phone or Personal Data Assistant (PDA). Either the SacLink wireless network or your wireless service carrier can be used to get to your e-mail.

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How do I setup my SacLink Email to sync to my phone?

To Setup your SacLink Email on your phone follow one of the tutorials below.

How do I access the Global Address List (GAL)?

You can access the Global Address List through Outlook Web Access. Click OWA Login below. Log into the page with your SacLink username and password. Click New Message then click To… and the global address list will appear.

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What is the Global Address List (GAL)?

The Global Address List provides the name and SacLink email address of each person with an active SacLink account. The purpose of the GAL is to provide accessible contact information between Sac State affiliates.