What is Sac VPN?

Sac VPN is the new VPN product for Sacramento State. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; Sacramento State has two uses for VPN, authentication and data encryption. VPN allows secure network access to campus resources through both campus wireless and off campus internet connections.

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What are the alternatives to using Sac VPN?

In addition to Sac VPN, Sacramento State offers a wide variaty of remote access alternatives for users. Please click Remote Access below for more information.

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How do I access Sac VPN?

SacVPN can be accessed by visiting and logging in with your SacLink username and password.

How do I set up SacVPN?

Use of SacVPN can be set up by logging in at Once logged in, select the Start button for the Network Connect option. This will initiate the installation process. For detailed instructions on completing the installation process, please see the link provided below. Once Network Connect is installed and running successfully, you will be able to access secure resouces remotely.

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How do I use SacVPN once the Network Connect client is installed?

If you have just completed the installation process, Network Connect should currently be running on your machine. A secure connection should be established and you are now ready to access secure resources.

If you have previously accessed SacVPN and completed the installation process, you should be able to access Network Connect in your computer's Programs/Applications. (Note:  Windows users may find Network Connect within a Juniper Networks folder.) Once you have located and selected Network Connect, you will be asked to enter your SacLink username and password to establish a secure connection.

Warning:  Mac users will be asked to enter the secure server address the first time this process is completed. The address should be entered in the Sign in at field.

I’m receiving a certificate warning when attempting to setup SacVPN. What should I do?

The SacVPN product provides the campus with various services but it's main purpose for most campus users will be to allow secure network access to campus resources through wireless and off campus internet connections. For this purpose, the Network Connect piece of the product will be employed.

I’m receiving a security warning about a “script” or an “add-on” from “Juniper Networks, Inc.” when trying to log in to SacVPN. What should I do?

Users may receive these types of warnings depending upon their Internet Browser and settings. The script/add-on is coming from Juniper Networks which provides the SacVPN product in use. Select the appropriate option to proceed.

You can close the browser window displaying the SacLink Secure Services page but you should not use the "Sign Out" option or your Network Connect session will be terminated and you will need to sign in again before proceeding.

I’ve completed the initial setup and I’m trying to access Network Connect from my machine but I’m getting a message saying “enter the address of your secure server”. What should I do?

Enter in the Sign in at field. (Note:  This process is a one-time setup which will be bypassed upon subsequent login attempts.) You should then be prompted to enter your SacLink username and password.