Campus Printing

Yes, you can use the campus printing system wirelessly with your own laptop computer or one of the laptops that are available for checkout. Simply follow the Mobile Printing Instructions to print from laptop loan or personal laptops.

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No. All of the print jobs that you send to the campus printing system can be accessed at any one of the PrintSmart print stations around campus. For a complete list of all the print stations click PrintSmart Locations below.

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How do I use the printing services on campus?

To use the campus printing resources, follow one of the tutorials below.

     Please refer to the Mobile Printing Instructions for a step by step process on how to print your document.

    Who can print on campus?

    • Users who have an active SacLink account and a OneCard can print on campus using the PrintSmart System.
    • Users who do not have an active SacLink account can still print with PrintSmart, but only from their personal machines. Courtesy OneCards can be purchased from a VTS machine or the OneCard Center.
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    How much does printing cost?

    Student OneCards are given a service credit at the beginning of every semester. The credit on these OneCards cannot be used for anything other than the black and white prints. Once the service credit is depleted, users including faculty and staff are charged $0.08 per printed page at a black/white print release station and $0.55 per printed page at a color print release station. Users who cannot obtain a Sacramento State OneCard (i.e. Library patrons) or who choose not to have a Sacramento State OneCard, can use a Courtesy OneCard to pay for printing.

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    I have run out of funds on my OneCard, where can I add more?

    You can add funds to your OneCard in several ways; visit the OneCard center located in Lassen Hall or use a VTS machine on campus. For locations of VTS machines and more information on OneCard funds, click Making a Deposit below, or contact the OneCard Center.

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    Print jobs are configured with a job lifespan of 4 hours. If not printed, print jobs will automatically be removed from the queue after 4 hours.

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    To Duplex print follow these steps:

    • Upload document to Mobile Printing
    • After document is done processing, click "Advanced" under print job
    • Under "Double-sided print" click your desired settings

    For help on printing from your laptop, or laptop loan laptops follow the Mobile Printing Instructions.

      Who do I contact to get a reprint due to a printer error?

      Speak with the on-duty lab assistant in AIRC 2004. If the on-duty lab assistant is absent or busy, view the Reprint Form to see if you are eligible for a reprint.

      I need to print using a different kind of paper, can I do this and who can assist me?

      Speak with the on-duty lab assistant in AIRC 2004 if you wish to use a different type of paper when printing.

      No, you can only print to Printsmart if you are on the campus wireless, or local network.

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      What is PrintSmart?

      PrintSmart is Sacramento State's student printing system.  Using the PrintSmart system allows students to print their documents from a computer on campus, and then pick up the prints from any of 44 workstations located conveniently in various locations across campus.  It is also an effort to promote responsible printing and to conserve resources by controlling printing waste and rising costs.

      How can I check my balance?

      You can check your balance at any time by visiting the mobile PrintSmart site. After logging in your balance will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen.

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      Who do I contact if a printer is broken?

      Monday- Friday from 8AM-5PM you can contact 916.278.7941 to report printer malfunctions. Alternatively, you can visit AIRC 2004 to speak with a lab assistant until 10PM.