Computer Labs

What is the purpose of the Computer Labs?

Computer Lab are an integral part of the academic community at Sacramento State. The goal of the Computer Labs is to provide faculty, staff, and students with a consistent, reliable and customer-friendly computing environment.

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Where can I find open computer labs on campus?

There are many open labs located throughout the campus. Click Lab Locations below for a detailed list of all labs on campus, their location, resources and floorplans.

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What are the hours for the open computer labs on campus?

Lab hours vary by semester. Click Lab Hours below for a complete listing of all lab hours. Verify the corresponding semester for the correct lab hours.

I am a student and I often find many of the labs during the semester full, can I check the status of the labs remotely?

Yes, users can check the LabStat page for real-time computer availability updates for each lab on campus. Click Lab Availablity below for this real-time listing.

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What regular open computer labs are also available for reservation and instructional use?

The following labs are generally open labs, but may be reserved for instructional use: Mendocino 2003, 2007, and Solano 2003.

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I am a faculty or staff member, how do I reserve a computer lab for instructional use?

All lab reservation requests are processed by Space Management. For more information or to make a reservation click About Space Management below.

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What is the difference between a department lab and an open computer lab?

Open computer labs are available for walk-in use during normal hours of operation and overseen by IRT, while department labs are reserved for specific classroom instruction and department use only. For a list of all campus labs click Lab Stats below.

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What software is available for use in the open computer labs?

Each open lab computer and loaned laptop is designed to have the same software available to users. For a complete listing of all software, click Lab Software below.

What hardware is available for use in the open computer labs?

Not every lab may have the same hardware available, for a complete listing of available hardware per lab, click Lab Hardware below.

I prefer using Mac computers, are there any Mac stations in the open labs?

Yes there are several open lab locations in which you can use Mac computers. AIRC lab 2004 has eight Macintosh computers while AIRC lab 3008 has six Macintosh computers.

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Do the computer labs provide storage devices such as CDs or USB drives for users to save work?

No. While the labs do not provide storage devices, users can use their personal U: drive, or email themselves any document they are working on. For more information, click SacFiles below.

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I am in an open computer lab, what is the best way to access and save my work?

SacFiles is the method for accessing ones personal storage on Sac State servers and is the best way to access and save your work in the computer labs. When you are in an open computer lab you may access your SacFiles through the U: drive. Click SacFiles below for more information on this service.

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Who do I contact if a piece of equipment in a lab does not work?

If any equipment fails to work properly in a lab, you should contact the IRT Service Desk. An assistant will then create a serivce ticket to have the issue resolved.

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If I have feedback or questions about the labs who should I contact?

If you have additional questions about the labs, or would like to make a comment, click Lab Feedback below.

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What services and resources in the open labs are available for those with disabilites?

Every lab has clearly identified ADA stations for use by individuals with disabilities. These stations have hardware accessories as well as additional software programs to assist those users. In addition, the High Tech Center specializes in assisting users with disabilities. Click HTC FAQs below for more information on their services.

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I am a faculty or staff member, are there any labs specifically for faculty/staff use only?

Yes, visit the Faculty Staff Resource Center (FSRC), located in AIRC room 3012. The FSRC has many resources exclusively available to faculty and staff members. Click About FSRC below for more information on these services.

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I am a student, are there any labs with group work rooms?

Yes, there are five group work rooms in the AIRC 2004 open computer lab. The group work rooms are first come, first serve.

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The computer shut down or froze while I was working on a paper, how can I retrieve my work?

You can try these steps to retrive your work:

  • Go to My Computer
  • Select the Z: Drive to look for your recovered document.
  • If you do not find it there, then it cannot be recovered.

It is strongly recommended that you always save your work to your SacFiles through the U: drive or external storage such as a flash drive or CD.

I am using a computer and I need to leave for a period of time, can I reserve this computer or leave my belongings at the workstation until I return?

No, students are not allowed to reserve lab computers or leave their belongings in the lab if they leave. Any left belongings will be taken to the Lost & Found.

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Are there any employment opportunities available for students to work in the labs?

Intrested applicants should click IRT Employement below to view all available positions.

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How do I reserve a computer lab?

IRT managed computer lab reservation requests are processed by Space Management. The Faculty Staff Resource Center reservation requests are processed by the IRT Administration Office. Reservation requests for both can be found on the same webpage.

Is there a charge associated with reserving a computer lab?

Charges are dependent on the circumstances of the lab reservation. Possible charges can be found in the Lab Reservation Guidelines.

Can instructors put materials into a folder that students can view without modifying?

Yes, click Lab Reservation Guidelines below to find instructions on how to use the Instructor's Folder on Lab Shared Drive.

What are the lab use agreement regulations?

All University Labs managed computer users must agree to abide by all University Labs and University regulations and policies as well as all local, state and federal laws. Policies governing the use of computing facilities at CSUS may be reviewed by clicking Regulations below. The requester and presenter are liable for damage to equipment, furnishings or software incurred during the reservation period. The presenter is responsible for properly supervising minors at all times. University Labs reserves the right to refuse or terminate any reservation or use of its computing labs.

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