Hornet Lounge

What is the Hornet Lounge?

The Hornet Lounge is a collection of designated study areas for students located in the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC). Included are four floors of tables, chairs, and lounges; each floor has areas designed to facilitate learning with resources available to students.

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What resources are available to students within the Hornet Lounge?

Within the AIRC building are many offices that cater to students needs, these include:

  • IRT Service Desk (2005): The service desk is designed to help students with any tech-related questions they might have, from SacLink account information to laptop checkouts and wireless access questions.
  • Student Technology Center (3007): The STC is a great resource for students seeking assistance with specific software. Students can receive one-on-one assistance with such programs as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, as well as SPSS, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. The STC is great place for students to practice presentations with the availability of overhead projectors, LCD video projectors and audio.
  • Open labs (2004 and 3008): The AIRC building is also home to two student labs. Both labs have PC and Mac stations as well as printers and scanners. The AIRC 2004 lab is also open 24 hours a day, only closing Friday at 5:00 p.m. before re-opening Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
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Is every floor of the hornet lounge the same?

No, in fact, each floor is designed to meet a different purpose.

  • 1st floor: with large tables and work areas, as well as multiple whiteboards and pens, this floor is ideal for practicing presentations as well as group work. Generally a loud study area.
  • 2nd floor: the main entrance to the building, with direct access to the main student lab (2004) and IRT Service Desk (2005), this floor has multiple tables and chairs, great for individual or group study. Generally a loud study area.
  • 3rd floor: with access to the second lab (3008), as well as the Student Technology Center, this floor is similar in layout to the 2nd floor. Due to less foot traffic and classrooms nearby, this floor is generally a quiet study area.
  • 4th floor: the top floor of the building has the largest area for individual or small groups to meet with designated workspaces including tables and laptop outlets. This floor is generally a quiet study area.
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What are the hours of the AIRC building and Hornet Lounge?

The AIRC building and Hornet Lounge are open 24 hours a day, only closing when the entire campus is closed on designated holidays.

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Where is the AIRC building located?

The AIRC building is located near the southern end of the campus behind the library and next to the University Union. The AIRC building is also near parking structure 3 and parking lot 8.

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I am a student and I plan to use the Hornet Lounge or the labs late into the evening, perhaps even overnight, is it safe?

Yes, there are designated security officers that walk in and around the building during the late night and early morning hours. For more information about safety and security in the AIRC building or the general campus contact the Department of Public Safety at (916) 278-6851.

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Can I eat or drink in the Hornet Lounge areas?

Yes, both food and drinks are allowed in the designated Hornet Lounge locations on each floor. However food is not allowed in the labs and drinks are only allowed in specific sealable containers. Also, please use common courtesy when eating and drinking in the Hornet Lounge.

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Are there vending machines available near the Hornet Lounge?

Yes, the AIRC building has several vending machines available. These machines are only located on the second and third floors. The following vending machines are available:

  • 2nd floor: Pepsi, Gatorade, Aquafine/Tropicana, coffee, ice cream, and general food.
  • 3rd floor: Pepsi, Aquafina, and general food.
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I am a student; some classmates and I would like to practice our presentation but we don’t want to disturb other students and we might need help, is there a place we can go?

The Student Technology Center (AIRC 3007) is the best location to practice a presentation without disturbing other students. A student assistant will be available to help with any video projection equipment you may need as well.

Does the Hornet Lounge have wireless access?

Yes, the entire building is set up for wireless access, or Wi-Fi. Students with laptops, PDAs or other mobile devices can connect to the wireless connection using their SacLink account. For more information about wireless access on campus click Wireless Locations below.

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Is the wireless network available overnight in the Hornet Lounge?

Yes, the wireless network is available 24 hours a day.

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My group and I need a large area to work on a project we have been assigned, is it ok to move around furniture?

Yes, but with limitations. It is ok to move around tables and chairs for group work. However, please return those tables and chairs to their original positions once you have finished your group work. Note: please do not move cubicles, and do not move any tables or chairs off of their designated floor.

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Are there any places I can work with some privacy, such as a private room?

Located in the main lab (AIRC 2004) are several private project rooms that can be used by individuals or by small groups. In addition, the Student Technology Center (AIRC 3007) has several cubicles available as well.

As a student, can I reserve one of these private project rooms or cubicles?

The private rooms in the main lab (AIRC 2004) run on a first come first serve basis, however students can make appointments to meet with a student assistant in the Student Technology Center (AIRC 3007) to use a cubicles. To learn more about the Student Technology Center and how to make an appointment with a Student Assistant click About STC below.

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