Fees and Payment

Where do I go to pay my fees online?

After logging in to My Sac State, select the Student Center link and scroll down to the Account Inquiry link in the Finances section. Once you have accessed the Account Inquiry page, you should find a Make an Online Payment button which will prompt you to log into the CashNet system where you can pay your fees online. Please contact the Student Financial Services Center at (916)278-6736 or in Lassen 1001 for further information regarding CashNet and online fee payment.

My account displays a balance of fees due but I do not know why. Who do I contact about the balance?

If you have a balance on your account that you do not recognize, you can contact the Student Financial Services Center for assistance with identifying the charge(s) at (916)278-6736 or in Lassen 1001.

I’m trying to print my 1098T form but the system says there is no information available when I select the year. What’s going on?

This message means that no 1098T exists for you related to the particular year you are trying to access. Typically this is because whatever fees you are looking for were actually included on the previous year’s 1098T. The fees reported on the 1098T show up based upon the calendar date they were charged and not based upon the term they’re associated with. For example, if you are looking for Spring 2011 fees, they would have been included on your 1098T from 2010 if they were charged in November or December of 2010.

Please contact the Student Financial Services Center  at (916)278-6736 or in Lassen 1001 for further details on fees and the 1098T form.