Student Records, Holds, Transcripts and Test Scores

Can I get transcripts from within My Sac State?

Current Sac State Students can download and print unofficial transcripts from within My Sac State. In order to get your unofficial transcripts go to the Student Center and click Unofficial Transcripts under the Academic History heading. If you need official transcripts, you may order at (916) 278- 5507 or online at

I’m trying to run an unofficial transcript but I’m receiving a message saying “Report not created. Negative service indicator exists”. What should I do?

The "negative service indicator" message refers to a hold that exists on your record. Please check the "holds" box on your main Student Center page to identify any holds on your record that affect transcripts. You will need to clear any transcript related holds before generating unofficial transcripts. Please contact the department associated with your transcript hold if you have questions about the hold and how to clear it.

Where do I go to obtain my test results?

Results for test scores that are recorded at the campus level can be found within your Student Center by clicking on the Test Score Summary link under the Academic History heading. Please note that you will only see test score data that is tracked at the university level here (i.e., you will see items like SAT scores but not scores for tests in your individual classes). If you do not see a particular test score posted but you submitted the results to Admissions and/or Records, please contact them for details on the status of your records. If you have taken a test through a Sac State department like the Testing Center, please contact the department that administered the test for details on the status of your results.

Where do I order my transcripts?

In order to get official transcripts you must contact Records at (916) 278- 5507, visit the Lassen Hall Lobby or order them online at  For more information on transcripts, visit the Registrar's Office site at

Can I get an unofficial copy of my transcripts?

If you currently have access to My Sac State you can visit your Student Center and use the Unofficial Transcripts feature there to generate a copy of your transcripts. If you no longer have access to My Sac State, please contact the Registrar's Office website for further information on transcripts