Viewing, Assigning, and Submitting Grades

How do I assign grades in My Sac State?

The basic grading process goes as follows:
1.) Log in to My Sac State;
2.) Click the Faculty Center link;
3.) Locate the desired class on your Teaching Schedule and click the related Grade Roster icon to the left of the class data;
4.) Use the available drop down menus to select a grade for each student. If necessary, save your roster and return later to complete the grading process.
5.) Once you have graded all students, change the Approval Status to "Approved" and save your grade roster.

Your grades have been successfully completed. The grades will be available for students when the Registrar's Office runs their process to post approved grades to student records. For questions regarding the grade posting schedule, please contact the Registrar's Office.

What if I don't see the class I need to grade listed on my teaching schedule in the Faculty Center?

Your teaching schedule in My Sac State reflects the classes you've been assigned to in the class schedule. Each academic department has at least one staff person who is responsible for the class schedule and enters this information into the system. If you are not seeing the correct classes listed in My Sac State, please contact your academic department about having the class schedule updated.

What if there is no grade roster icon displayed for a class on my teaching schedule?

If a grade roster does not appear to be available for a course, there are a few common issues to look for:

First, verify that the correct term is displaying on your Faculty Center.

If you are indeed viewing the correct term, verify that you are within the dates for the grading period. Grade Rosters are not generated until the beginning of the grading period. Please contact the Registrar's Office if you need details on the grading period dates.

If your course has multiple components (i.e., mulitiple pieces that must be taken together as in a lecture/lab course), a grade will only be assigned to one portion of that course. If you do not see a grade roster for one piece of a multiple-component course, check the corresponding part of the course to verify that a roster is available there. (Note:  If another portion of the course is assigned to a different instructor, you can check with that instructor or your academic department to verify which portion of the class is the graded portion).

Finally, it's possible that you have not been given access to grade. Your grading access for each class is based upon information your department enters into the schedule of classes. Contact your academic department to verify the level of grading access you've been given.

I'm unable to open my grade roster. I click the Grade Roster icon but nothing happens. What should I do?

You may be clicking the legend/key that's meant to identify the roster icons used on your Teaching Schedule. The active class and grade roster icons are the smaller icons displayed down in the Teaching Schedule table to the left of the related class information. The larger versions of those icons displayed above the table are the key to identify the icons (the key includes "Class Roster" and "Grade Roster" labels below the images).

I've entered my grades but the students cannot view them. What's going on?

Your grades can only be viewed on the student end once they've been posted by the Registrar's Office. You can determine whether your grades have been posted by accessing your grade roster and checking the Offical Grade column. If that column has been populated, your grades have been posted by the Registrar's Office and should be viewable by students via My Sac State (the word "Posted" will also appear next to the Approval Status field). If your grades have not been posted yet, you will need to wait until the next schedule posting date for your grades to be posted. Please contact the Registrar's Office for further details regarding the grade posting schedule.

I entered my grades before the last scheduled posting date but they are still not showing up for the students. What's going on?

When grades are being posted, the process only looks for rosters where the Approval Status value has been set to "Approved". If you left you roster in "Not Reviewed" status, it would have been skipped by the post process. You can return to your roster, change the Approval Status to "Approved" and the grades will be posted when the next process is run. (Note:  When the final post process is run at the end of the grading period, all grades saved in the system will be posted, regardless of their Approval Status.)

I've entered grades already and now I want to make a change. What should I do?

The procedure for changing grades depends upon whether or not that grades have been posted. If your grades have been posted (i.e., the Official Grade column is populated and "Posted" appears to the right of the Approval Status field), you will need to submit any grade changes to the Registrar's Office on paper. Please contact the Registrar's Office for details on this process.

If your grades have not yet been posted, you can change your grades online. If the Approval Status of your roster still says "Not Reviewed", you can simply re-open the roster and edit as necessary. If your roster's Approval Status says "Approved", you will need to change this value back to "Not Reviewed" before you can edit the roster. (Remember to change your roster's Approval Status to "Approved" and save your data when finished.)

The grading deadline has passed and I can no longer enter grades online. What can I do?

Once the grading period has ended, you will need to submit any outstanding grades to the Registrar's Office on paper. Please contact the Registrar's Office for details on this process.

What does an "RP" grade mean?

The term "RP" stands for "Report in Progress". For example, a student who has a thesis class would receive an "RP" in the place of a letter grade until the thesis is completed.  Please contact the Registrar's Office for further details on grading.

What does an "RD" grade mean?

The term "RD" means "Report Delayed" and indicates that a grade has not been reported to the Registrar's Office due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. (The RD is not used in grade point average calculation.) The RD symbol cannot be assigned by faculty on the grade roster but may be assigned by the Registrar in appropriate situations. Instructors who cannot assign a grade for an individual student within the grading timeline should consult with the Registrar about an RD grade assignment, since any grade left blank on a grade roster prevents the posting of grades for all students in the class. RD grades should be resolved promptly. Faculty need to submit a Grade Change form for each student who is assigned an RD grade.

When should a "WU" grade be assigned?

If a student submits the official paperwork to withdraw from a class, the Registrar's Office will record that information in the system and a "W" grade will automatically appear in the Official Grade column on the grade roster. If a student attends enough of the course to receive a standard letter grade and did not officially withdraw from the course (i.e., a "W" does not automatically display), a "WU" grade should be assigned to indicate an "unauthorized withdrawal".

For details on grading policy and procedures, please contact the Registrar's Office.

What does a "W" grade mean?

A "W" grade standard for "withdrawal" and indicates that the student was permitted to withdraw from the course after the fourth week of instruction with the approval of the instructor and appropriate campus official. The W grade cannot be assigned by faculty on a grade roster. If the student filed an official drop form or withdrew from the University, a W will automatically be assigned on teh grade roster. Faculty cannot overwrite this grade.

When are grades posted to My Sac State?

You can check the Academic Calendar ( for information regarding when grades will be entered for a particular term. The Registrar’s Office sets up the grading period for each semester so they can be contacted for additional detail.