About Us

Need Assistance?

Make an appointment to get help by contacting the FSRC at 278-6112, via email fsrc@csus.edu or in person AIRC 3012.

Faculty/Staff Training

Free workshops are available to Faculty and Staff. Visit the Faculty/Staff Workshops page to see details.

Our Mission

"The mission of the Faculty Staff Resource Center is to support faculty in the creation of accessible course materials and eLearning content, teach faculty and staff how to use technology, and develop the professional skills of our student staff."

At the Faculty Staff Resource Center FSRC,  faculty and staff can access technology equipment, software, technology training, and consultation in areas of Instructional Materials Accessibility, STC Faculty Services, eLearning (SacCT), Office Applications and much more.

The FSRC is staffed by student staff who will be your first point of contact. The Instructional Materials Specialist, STC Faculty Services team,  and Academic Technology & Creative Services consultants are available to provide specialized support by appointment or on a drop-in basis.

Who can Help?

FSRC Consultants

FSRC Consultants are our Student staff who provide general assistance with software, equipment and services offered at the FSRC. They will contact an IRT or ATCS staff member to help you if more specialized support is needed.

Instructional Materials Specialist

The Instructional Materials Specialist coordinates the Faculty Staff Resource Center and trains and assists faculty in the creation of accessible instructional materials for courses taught at Sacramento State. Instructional materials include: course syllabi, course textbooks, content posted and distributed online (e.g. SacCT, faculty web page), PowerPoint Presentations, PDF documents, Video, and audio materials.

If you need help with instructional materials, ask the FSRC Student assistant to connect you with the Instructional Materials Specialist.

Student Technology Center Staff

The Student Technology Center Staff team, meet and partner with faculty at the FSRC to plan and develop deliverables for one or many of the faculty services offered through the Student Technology Center. Some of the STC Faculty Services include: Design and teach a course specific workshop to your class, tutor students in the technology and software needed to complete course assignments and much more. Visit the STC Faculty Services page to learn more or contact the team directly at stcfs@csus.edu.

ATCS Consultants

Academic Technology and Creative Services ATCS Consultants are available to provide advice about online course development processes, tools and resources, developing learning materials, techniques for using technology in the teaching/learning process, and many other related areas. These services can be accessed on a drop-in basis at ARC 3005, by phone (916) 278-3370, via e-mail web-courses@csus.edu, or by contacting an individual staff person directly.