Technology Learning Center Training

Below is a listing of staff training topics offered through the TLC. Please refer to the Training Schedule to see exact dates and times when these are taught.

Staff Workshops




Adobe Acrobat Pro Basics

Get an overview of the menus and tools available in the Adobe Acrobat interface and learn how to perform basic editing tasks on a PDF document.

Word - Track Changes, Comment Protect

In this workshop you will learn how to locate the Review Tab, insert and read Comments, Track Changes, Compare and Combine Documents, and Protect your document.  

Style Basics in Word

Learn how to create, apply and modify Styles to add structure, formatting and accessibility in your Word documents.

Excel Report Formatting

Use conditional formatting and other techniques to make reports easy to read and professional.

Introduction to Excel PivotTables

Learn how to summarize data with the PivotTable feature in Excel and apply basic formatting techniques to help you analyze your summarized data more effectively.

PowerPoint: Enhancing Basic Presentations

Learn how to enhance basic PowerPoint presentations and increase their effectiveness using layout and design features, effects & animation, charts & tables, SmartArt, video clips and more.


Outlook: Managing Email and Facilitating Scheduling

Learn how to better manage and organize your email using Outlook’s folder structure, sort features, rules & alerts, and auto deletion. Facilitate communication and scheduling via sharing distributions list, generating meeting invitations, sharing calendars, establishing delegates, and working with Tasks in Outlook.

Introduction to Visio

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use many of the features of Visio and how to create org charts and cross functional flowcharts (swim lanes).


Introduction to Photoshop

Learn how to open and save an image, the basics of layers, how to retouch an image (red eye, blemishes), and how to create black and white images.

Intermediate Photoshop

This is a continuation of the Introduction to Photoshop workshop. Learn basic masking skills, how to use adjustment layers, filters, retouching, and watermarking.

Introduction to Illustrator

Create flyers or newsletters for the web or for print. Learn about art boards, basic Illustrator tools, transparency and gradient adjustments, and how to export and save content.

Intermediate Illustrator

This is a continuation of the Introduction to Illustrator workshop. Learn how to group images/pieces and use the layers and alignment palettes and color/swatches.

Using your iPad on Campus

Use you iPad to connect to campus services, like wireless, email, and shared drives and install often used apps, like Evernote, SacState Mobile, Blackboard, and Adobe Reader. 

Attendees should bring their own iPad and any necessary cables.

Introduction to InDesign

This introductory workshop provides an overview of basic workspace, settings, and tools needed to create a multipage PDF document that is suitable for print, e-book, and tablet viewing.

Project Management

Learn the fundamentals of project management from experienced practitioners in this two-part, eight-hour course.

This is not a technology workshop.


*Courses are subject to change