FSRC Workshops

Below is a listing of current faculty and staff workshops offered through the FSRC. Please refer to the Workshop Schedule to see the scheduled workshops this semester.

Faculty Workshops




Captioning Open Lab

Do you need to caption a video for your class? Do you have questions about how to get started? Then stop by to one of our Captioning Open Labs to get help. We will go over each step of the process with you and help you get started in captioning your videos. We will help you set up a captioning account, convert videos into a format that is accepted by our captioning vendor, help you upload video for captioning and how to make the captioned video available. Captioning Self Service is available to faculty and staff that need to caption a video for use in a course, event, or context where a deaf or hard of hearing user will require a captioned format of that video in order to access the content.


Syllabus Accessibility Basics

In this workshop you will learn how to apply Word accessibility concepts to your syllabus word document. We will show you how to use an Accessible Syllabus Template which incorporates elements of accessibility such as structure, styles and formatting and effective reading order. You will learn how to enter content directly into the template, how to correctly copy and paste content into the template, how to modify template styles, and how to save the syllabus template styles into your Microsoft Word program and apply these to existing and new syllabi. Requirements: Basic knowledge in Microsoft Word.

Word Accessibility Basics

In this workshop you will learn how to design and format your Word documents so that they are accessible. Some main elements needed for accessibility that will be covered include: how to apply styles and formatting for effective reading order and structure, how to add alternative text for images, how to create descriptive links for long url’s, how to review your document using the accessibility checker in Word 2010 and how to convert your document into other accessible formats.

PowerPoint Accessibility Basics

In this workshop you will learn how to design and format a PowerPoint presentation so that it is accessible. Some main elements needed for accessibility that will be covered include: how to use the normal view and outline tab, how to use standard slide layouts, how to create accessible custom slide layouts, how to use effective color contrast, how to ensure logical reading order of elements on slide and how to add alternative text to images, charts, and other graphic objects on slides. We will also go over how to check your presentation for accessibility using the Accessibility checker in PowerPoint 2010 and how to save your presentation into other accessible formats.

PDF Accessibility Basics

In this workshop you will learn how to correctly convert source documents into PDF format and how to use Adobe Acrobat Professional software to edit PDF documents for accessibility. We will use several tools and features available in Adobe Acrobat Professional to edit a PDF document for accessibility including: Accessibility Full and Quick check feature, Accessibility Report, TouchUp Reading Order tool, Read Out Loud Feature and Navigation Panels. We will briefly review accessibility elements required for creating an accessible source document such as a Word document that will be converted into a PDF format. Requirements: Basic knowledge in Office and how to navigate Adobe Acrobat/Professional.


Staff Workshops




Adobe Acrobat X Basics

Workshop Attendees will learn the basics about how to create PDF's from multiple sources, learn about Adobe Workspace and Navigation, how to edit content and how to work with forms and scanned documents.

Office Ribbon, Options & Quick Access Toolbar

Unleash the power of the Ribbon! This workshop will go over the Ribbon in Word 2010. We will go over some common Ribbon Terms, learn about top ribbon features, how to access and customize the Quick Access Tool Bar and learn basic keyboard shortcuts to effectively access the Ribbon.

Styles and Formatting in Word

Create styles and automate formatting! This workshop will go over basic formatting and structuring of document by use of styles. You will learn how to use the styles pane in Word to apply, modify and save styles and how good structure and formatting make your documents more accessible to all.

Formatting Reports in Excel

Learn how to use Excel formatting features to create easy-to-read reports.

Managing Data in Excel

Create attractive reports from data in Excel. This workshop covers the features used in Excel to create a pivot table/chart. Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge on how to navigate and use Excel 2010.


Learn how to use PowerPoint and improve your presentation skills.


Outlook 2010

Exploit Outlook to its full potential! Learn intermediate/advanced features to help you manage your email, contacts, calendars, set up rules and alerts, and mange tasks.

Office Drawing Tools

Did you know Microsoft Office software share common drawing tools? Learn about how to use them to create reports, newsletters, and more.


Introduction to Photoshop:

Explore the world of image editing basics. In this workshop staff will learn how to open and save an image, learn the basics about layers, how to retouch an image (red eye, blemishes), and how to create a black and white image.

Intermediate Photoshop

Increase your Photoshop knowledge. This is a continuation of the Introduction to Illustrator workshop. Learn basic masking skills, how to use adjustment layers, filters, retouching, and watermarking. Attendees should be familiar with Photoshop before attending this workshop.

Introduction to Illustrator

Create flyers or newsletters for the web or for print. In this workshop staff will learn how to create and save a document in Illustrator, how to adjust the art board, learn about basic Illustrator tools, learn how to adjust transparency and gradient, learn how to play with stroke, and how to export and save content.

Intermediate Illustrator

Increase your Adobe Illustrator knowledge. This is a continuation of the Introduction to Illustrator workshop. Learn how to group images/pieces, use the layers palette, the alignment palette, pathfinder and color/swatches. Attendees should be familiar with Illustrator prior to attending this workshop.

Using your iPad on Campus

Learn how to connect to campus resources on your iPad. This workshop will cover how to access the campus wireless network from your iPad, how to set up SacLink email and calendar,  and how to install Apps of Interest: Sac State Mobile, Evernote for note taking, Adobe Reader, Browsers Chrome, Opera Mini etc. and how to bookmark websites using your mobile browser.

Attendees should bring their own iPad and any necessary cables.


Introduction to ServiceNow

Learn how Service-Now can assist you to get the help you need from IRT. You will learn how to use self-service to submit and track problems and the service catalog to request a service.


*Workshops are subject to change