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The Docsoft captioning service is available to faculty, staff or students who need a video transcribed for captioning. The Docsoft AV appliance uses an automatic speech recognition engine to generate transcripts with time codes that provide closed captions for media files uploaded to the Docsoft System. Obtaining captions through our Docsoft appliance is free of cost but will require you to do substantial editing of returned transcript files before you can create the captioned video.

What Is DocSoft?

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DocSoft Overview

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Turn Around Time

For users that have an exact transcript, Docsoft will have a fully accurate, ready to use transcript within minutes.

Docsoft also generates a semi-accurate transcript for video/audio content within minutes without an exact transcript. However, editing the transcript for accuracy is time intensive and can take several hours depending on video length. Allow at least a few weeks to caption videos through Docsoft so that the captioned video is ready in time for when it will be used.

After the semi-accurate transcript is generated, based on the total Video Time, it will generally take a user some time to spend transcripting via the Transcript Editor:

Video Time

Time Spent Transcripting via DocSoft Transcript Editor

5 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes

2 hrs

45 minutes

3 hrs

60 minutes

4 hrs

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