Media and Captioning Project Rooms

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Make an appointment to get help by contacting the TLC at 278-6112, via email or in person AIRC 3012.

Technology Training

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Faculty and staff can use the Media and Captioning Project Rooms for video recording, editing, and captioning projects. Both rooms can be used on a drop-in basis (if room is not in use) or they can be reserved for a specific time and date.

Patron working on a video project


We offer several software programs to meet your media creation and captioning needs:



Docsoft Transcript Editor (TE)

Caption and Transcribe Video and Audio content to provide access to users who are deaf or hard of hearing. (Set up appointment to get trained, see TLC Student)

Pinnacle Studio

Record Video Lectures, Edit Video, Convert Video into Different formats, Add Video Effects  (green screen)

Camtasia Studio

Create Video Tutorials, Record Video Lectures, Caption Video, Edit Video


Used to digitize DVDs and DVD content into an mp4 format.


Create Video Tutorials, Record Video Lectures, Caption Video, Edit Video

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Record voice dictations and create text transcripts and your “podcasts” all at once!


Capture and Edit Images on Computer Screen

Equipment Set Up

Both rooms are equipped with Windows 7 computers, a handheld camcorder for video recording, and a Pinnacle MovieBox for video transfer from a digital camera, video camera, and DVD/VHS player into Pinnacle Studio software. We do not checkout equipment.

View the Equipment Set Up Quick Guide for More Information

Reserve a Project Room

Please speak with a TLC Student Assistant to reserve a project room or reserve it through your Outlook Email by following instructions on the Reservations page.

Captioning Training

Please speak with an TLC Student Assistant to set up an appointment for training in the area Captioning (Docsoft TE). If you would like to use CaptionSync Service please see our Captioning Self-Service webpage.

Need Help?

Documentation is available in both rooms to help you get started. If you need assistance, please ask one of the TLC Student Assistants for help. If you have questions or feedback, please email us at or call 278-6112.