The Technology Learning Center TLC Training room AIRC 3013 is located adjacent to the main TLC work room AIRC 3012. The training room can be reserved by Sacramento State Staff for academic related events e.g. meetings, workshops etc.

The Project Rooms can also be reserved to work on media related projects. See below for instructions.

Training Room Reservations

Are you planning a workshop or meeting and need a space? You can reserve the TLC Training Room located in AIRC 3013 from the comfort of your desk through Microsoft Outlook. The training room is equipped with 22 computers: 6 iMac and 16 Windows computers. Please follow the instructions below to submit a reservation request: 


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. If working on Outlook for Office 2003/2007: Click on File. Select New, select Meeting Request from the menu options.
  3. If working on Outlook for Office 2010: From the Home Tab click on the "New Items" button and select the "Meeting" option.
  4. Click on the "To" button.
  5. From the Address Book drop down field, select "Global Address List"
  6. In the Search Field type: IRT. Notice that the Name area information is updated.
  7. Click on the IRT ARC-3013 FSRC Training Room. This will highlight the name.
  8. Click on the Required button. This will populate the required field with "IRT ARC 3013 FSRC Training Room"
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. In the Subject line, enter the name of your training or meeting.
  11. In the Location line, enter AIRC 3013.
  12. Select the Start Time and End Time for your event. (Note: for a recurring event, click on the Recurrence button on the Toolbar. Select the Appointment Time, the Recurrence Patter, and the Range of Recurrence. Then click OK).
  13. In the text box enter: Your name, department, and phone number. Also include the presenter's name, department, phone number, and email address
  14. Before sending your meeting request, be sure to click on Scheduling Assistant on the toolbar to see if your requested time is available or if it is already reserved. If you see a purple bar, that time slot has already been reserved.
  15. Click Send.
  16. After your request has been sent you will receive a reply email stating that your request has been accepted or denied.

Project Room Reservations

In order to use the Project Rooms you will need to submit a request to reserve the room via your Outlook Email. Follow the directions below: If you have questions please contact us by email at: or by phone at: (916) 278-6112.


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. If working on Outlook for Office 2003/2007: Go to File > New > Meeting Request
  3. If working on Outlook for Office 2010: From the Home Tab click on the "New Items" button and select the "Meeting" option.
  4. The “Untitled meeting” window will open. From here Select the “Rooms” button on top right.
  5. The “Select Rooms” dialog box will display. In the Names box you will see a list of rooms. Scroll to “IRT ARC-3012A FSRC Project Room” or the “IRT ARC – 3012B FSRC Project Room” (You can also do a search by entering the name of the room in the search field).
  6. Select the one you need to reserve and click on the Rooms button. You can also do a search by entering the name of the room in the search field.
  7. The Rooms field should show the project room name. Click the OK button.
  8. The Untitled Meeting window will now display the project room information in the “Location” and “To” fields.
  9. In the Subject line, type in your Name and a brief description of how you will use the room. Eg. “Professor John Smith: Digitizing Video”
  10. In the Start and End time select the date and time you would like to reserve the rooms. FSRC Fall Hours are Monday – Thursday 8am-6:30pm and Friday 8am-4pm, closed weekends.
  11. Click the “Scheduling Assistant” button to view availability of project room during the time requested. 
  12. In the body of the message provide: Your name, Your department, Your phone number, Your email address, How you will use the project room, Have you used project rooms before and been trained on how to use equipment?
  13. Verify all information is correct and click the “Send Button”
  14. You will receive an email confirmation stating that your request has been received and is pending approval.
  15. Once your reservation is approved you will get a confirmation email and the meeting request will appear on your Outlook Calendar.