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When you produce your Captioned video using Camtasia Studio, you will receive a series of files. In this example we are using Camtasia Studio version 7.1 so we have received 6 files. Depending on the version of the software you use you may get more or less files but the idea is the same.

Files produced from camtasia

Below in the various sections and steps these will be referenced frequently as “the files.”

There are many ways you can make a captioned video available to your students/viewers. Some of these include:

  • Online:
    • Show video from a SacCT Course
    • Show video from a Website
  • In Class:
    • Show video in class from a DVD/CD/USB Drive
    • Show video from a Campus/Classroom computer

Show Video From a SacCT Course

Within SacCT you can upload your finished captioned video to your course for students or anyone else who has access to your SacCT to view.

  • You will need to be the instructor of the course or have build/edit permissions within a SacCT course in order to be able to upload files, however, assuming you are the  course instructor, you should already have build/edit permissions by default. 
  • See Quickguide for more information which includes pictures and a step by step guide to uploading and showing your video from your SacCT Course.

Another alternative way to show from a SacCT course is to

  • Upload the files onto your SacCT course page
  • Navigate students to download these files onto their computer.
  • At that point, the student would simply have to organize a folder with all three of these files and play the .html file.

Show Video via Websites (Create Links)

If you wish to post a video to a website or SacCT course and your video will be streamed from the campus media server, this will entail you to create links to your videos to be used to stream videos from the server or to embed videos into your website.

Find more information on how to create a hyperlink to your captioned video by reading the following pages: 

In Class:

Show Video In Class From a DVD/CD/USB

To show the video in class using a USB, simply plug your USB into your computer and copy and paste the entire production folder, or the files into your USB. When you get to class, load up your USB and simply click on the .html file that is in your production folder and the video will load automatically within your Internet browser on your computer.

For showing via CD, make sure you burn the production folder you produced in Camtasia or the files onto a Data CD, which operates very similarly to a USB – all you need is to copy and paste the previously mentioned files onto the CD. Load the CD on your class computer and click the .html file within the production folder and it will show on your Internet browser.

Show Video From Campus/Classroom Computer

To show a video from a campus/classroom computer make sure the files, are located within a folder on that computer. Then click on the .html file and the video should begin to play within RealPlayer while the Captions appear on the bottom of the screen.

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