How to Report Trouble

The trouble reporting line is normally answered by TS's Voice Mail Box. Being answered by this mechanism DOES NOT IMPLY ADDITIONAL DELAY in responding to your problem. Technicians are paged by the system and will generally begin working on your problem within the hour. Some problems must be referred to other vendors for resolution which can take more than a day. If this is the case, you will be notified of the delay and given an approximated restoration time.

  1. Call the Telephone Trouble Reporting extension (86867). Please speak clearly. DO NOT CALL TS'S ADMINISTRATION OR TECHNICAL OFFICES as this only delays repair response times.
  2. Give your name.
  3. Give the five-digit extension number where you can be reached should further information be required. IN SOME CASES THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE EXTENSION THAT IS EXPERIENCING THE TROUBLE.
  4. Give the five-digit extension number that is experiencing the trouble.
  5. Give the extension's location (building, room, etc.).
  6. Explain the problem. If you have the results of the tests performed using "Before You Call Repair" procedures, be sure to state them. Be sure to indicate if this is a CRITICAL service.