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Easier Remote Access

In the past, the only method available to access your files and computer programs from off-campus was through use of a cumbersome VPN process. Today, there are far easier options for accessing campus computer systems and VPN is typically only needed by server administrators and those with high-level security requirements. Did you know about the file access options below?
Off Campus Remote Access

  • You can also easily access your personal computer files from off-campus through our easy-to-use SacFiles (U: Drive) process. The first step is to move your files to the campus network, where they are more secure and also accessible from anywhere (contact the Service Desk for assistance). For instructions on accessing your files from anywhere off campus <> to see the easy directions for your computer operating system.  After a quick setup, you are ready to go with a ‘drag-a-drop' file process just like the one on your computer itself.

On Campus Access

  • There is no need to use VPN to access your files and computer systems from on campus, even when using the wireless network. If you switch to use of SacLink Secure Wireless as your default wireless method, all your transmissions will be encrypted and secure. Plus, use of wireless provides the ability to ‘roam' with your wireless device and doesn't require a VPN login process. To switch to default use of Saclink Secure, <>   Lastly, SacLink Secure Wireless will cache your login credentials so you don't have to log into the system manually every time you boot your wireless laptop or wireless device.  

For those few users who need to continue use of VPN, note that we are reaching the end-of-life on our current VPN System on Aug. 15th and will be moving users to  a new SacVPN service at that time. The change from the old VPN to SacVPN saves the university licensing costs and the cost of support, while offering users simpler, more user- friendly access.  If you are a current VPN user and have questions or concerns about this change, there is more information on the Web:  Remote Access FAQs <> .  Or contact the service desk for clarification and assistance:

Webpage: <>

Phone:  916.278.7337

Email: <>

Office:  AIRC 2005

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