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Photocopy and Document Solutions provides campus departments and other various locations with a digital copy machine, supplies, maintenance, paper, and billing services, usually at NO INITIAL COST to the department or location. You pay only for the copies you make. For the last ten years, this rate has remained at the same $.05/copy department rate.

Billing Questions

If there are any billing questions or changes that need to be made to your account, please contact Andy Schloss at 278-2470 or email

Copy machines may be set up with either a OneCard terminal for access either by OneCard or Department Card, with copy code access, or with no access equipment.

To better help us determine which device would best suit your departments/programs needs, please fill out the Multifunction Device Request Form and either email it to or sent it via university mail to Photocopy & Document Solutions, campus zip 6065.

We will then contact you to discuss your department/program needs and how we can work together to take care of those needs.


Card access allows for copying by anyone with a cash balance on their OneCard or with a Department Card and the correct access code. It should be noted that the $5.00 PrintSmart credit given to registered students each semester through their OneCard is not valid for copier use.


Code Access is for university business use by faculty, staff, and department assistants, and limits the access to the copier. The Photocopy Department will help set up the copier codes. These codes will only allow the user access to this one copier, however the copies made can be charged to several different speedtype accounts. This is especially useful if a copier is being shared by several departments, or on multiple projects that need to be billed to different accounts. Code information can be changed with advanced notice by contacting the Photocopier Department by e-mail: For each code to be programmed you will need to provide us with:

Code Number - This is the number that will need to be entered before the copier will allow any copies to be made. Speedtype account - to be charged User Name Account Name


No Access copiers are for individual departments who want direct access to copying and have all billing automatically go to one speedtype billing account.