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I affirm that I am affiliated with California State University, Sacramento as Faculty, Staff, and/or Student and that I agree to at all times abide by the applicable Federal, State and Local laws governing the download, installation, use, distribution and compliance with the terms of use of all software available on this site. I have reviewed the University Information Security Office policies on software distribution and use and take responsibility for any and all violations of these policies as a result of my actions.

By clicking the Software Services List below, I agree to the Software Services Terms and Conditions.

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Terms and conditions:

  1. Please note that this distribution site caters primarily to site-licensed software, or freeware to be used in conjunction with site-licensed software. If you need assistance with software not listed on this site, please contact the Service Desk at 278-7337 and we will respond to your request directly.
  2. Software with limited or individual licenses may require purchase via Purchase Order, in which case a University approved accounting chart string may be required by the approving department.
  3. Please also note that software licensed individually (to a University owned machine) will be deployed electronically via a KBOX agent. You will need to have a KBOX agent installed and configured before software can be deployed to your university-owned machine electronically. Contact the Service Desk if you have any questions, or simply access the KBOX installation file on this site.
  4. Remember the importance of backing up your data and hard drive prior to installing any software.
  5. If you have any questions, please consult the Service Desk at 278-7337.
  6. Before installing software, verify that your system meets or exceeds the system requirements as specified by the software manufacture and the Information Security Office. You should access the manufacturer's and/or ISO web site if you need additional information about requirements.This includes the installation of a KBOX agent and configuration in the KBOX management console. If you do not know whether you have a KBOX agent installed and configured, please so note in the software request process. 
  7. You may be required to install the Sacramento State VPN client prior to installing software from off-campus or on-campus locations using a wireless or open port.

Note: You must have a valid SacLink account to obtain software from this site.