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What is CAS?

CAS is a protocol, Java web application server implementation, and collection of clients for various languages. CAS provides Single Sign On for Web applications. At Sacramento State we run one CAS server. Web application developers then use CAS client libraries for various languages (PHP, Python, Java, Perl, etc...) to enable end users to login via Sacramento State's CAS server.

What is "Single Sign On"?

Single sign on is the ability of an end user to authenticate once and then to experience transparent login to each web application visited (does not have to re-present username and password).

What does it mean to "CASify" an application?

To CASify an application is to enable it to participate in CAS single sign on. That is, a Web application end user can log in by means of CAS authentication.

For the most part, web application managers at Sacramento State are only concerned about using these URLs to CASify their app:

  • CAS Server Version: 3.4.7
  • CAS Protocol Version 2
  • CAS Login URL:
  • CAS ServiceValidate URL:
  • CAS Logout URL:

More information on client libraries