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Advertising & Commercial Use Guidelines

In addition to the complete official University policy related to Web publishing located at the Sacramento State World Wide Web Policy page, the policies below were excerpted from "News Coverage, Publicity and Publications: A How-to Guide" published by University Affairs.

Guidelines for the new University logo and identity are available from the Identity Style Guide. For information about the logo, identity and use guidelines contact Public Affairs at (916) 278-6156 or

California State University, Sacramento Web pages are supported by Information Resources & Technology (IRT) and the Public Affairs Department of the Office of University Affairs. Access to the Web through the University is a resource paid for by the State of California. Any use of the resource must follow established University policies and procedures. Noncommercial, University-supported operations may develop and post a Web page.
The design and organization of the gateway pages may be changed on either an academic term or a yearly basis, although some individual changes to these pages may occur more frequently. Individual units are responsible for maintaining and updating pages they have posted in accordance with overall guidelines and policies. The University may occasionally monitor pages posted on University resources for compliance to guidelines.

Advertising/Commercial Use

No advertising or commercial use may be carried out using University servers. Any exceptions must be submitted, reviewed and approved by the University Web Committee and must serve to benefit the University's mission. Clearly informational or educational references to trademarks, brand names or other commercial entities are acceptable.

Sales of any kind using University resources, the University's name or its derivatives must be approved by the University. The Public Affairs Department of the Office of University Affairs has responsibility for the University's overall advertising policies and procedures, including print, broadcast and Web. The Foundation holds the licensing rights for the University.

Off-Campus Web Servers

Any entity, which uses any licensed name, mark or identity element of the University, must work within the University-approved guidelines and on an approved server. The University may give permission to use an outside server, but Public Affairs and IRT must be involved in granting that permission.

last reviewed: January 25, 2008