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Training for Finance

LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Delegation of Authority Job Aid
Visitor Parking Manual
ProCard Manual Aug 18, 2010
Asset Management
LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Viewing Basic Asset InformationWeb-Based
Querying Asset InventoryWeb-Based
Asset Management User Guide Manual Sep 18, 2006
LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Inquiring the Status of a Travel OrderWeb-Based
Inquiring the Payment Status of a Travel Order - 2Web-Based
Inquiring the Payment Status of a Travel OrderWeb-Based
Inquiring a Travel OrderWeb-Based
Finding a Travel Order NumberWeb-Based
Travel Requisition Entry, Approval and Inquiry Manual Apr 05, 2011
Procurement Requisitions
LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Printing a RequisitionWeb-Based
Inquiring the Status of a P.O.Web-Based
Inquiring the P.O. Document StatusWeb-Based
Inquiring the P.O. Activity SummaryWeb-Based
Printing a Purchase OrderWeb-Based
Inquiring the Requisition Document Status - 2Web-Based
Inquiring the Requisition Document StatusWeb-Based
Requisitions: 8.4 to 9.0 Comparison Quick Guide Job Aid Mar 13, 2009
Finance Requisition Entry, Approval and Inquiry Manual Apr 05, 2011
LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Using the Trial Balance Report Web-Based Manual Sep 18, 2006
Running the CCR Department Report Job Aid Jan 19, 2011
Finding a CCR SpeedChart Job Aid Feb 08, 2011
Using the Query Viewer with Excel Web-Based
Reviewing Journal/Ledger DataWeb-Based
Finding an Account ChartFieldWeb-Based
One-time Computer Set-up for CMSWeb-Based
Source Codes & Document ID KeySep 18, 2006
Using Excel PivotTables with Sac Vault Reports Manual Jun 01, 2009
Open Encumbrance Reports Job Aid Aug 28, 2009
Sac Vault Frequently Asked Questions Manual Aug 21, 2009
Financial Reporting - An introduction to Sac Vault Manual Apr 05, 2011
The Basics
LessonWeb-BasedManualJobAidLast Updated
Navigating CMSWeb-Based
Adding Print Run ControlsWeb-Based
Using My FavoritesWeb-Based
GL Introduction to CMS Financials 9.0 Manual Mar 20, 2009