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Learning Space Accomplishments

FLS FrontIRT has engaged in projects and services that have dramatically improved the quantity and quality of campus learning spaces.  Recent projects have included two new construction projects, major renovations to many of the most used classrooms on campus, and maintenance and repairs to a large number of campus-wide classrooms.  Services have included the establishment of learning space design standards and responding to service requests from faculty, staff and students.

New ConstructionNew construction refers to major projects that involve new buildings or significant re-construction in existing buildings. Generally, an outside architect and/or contractor performs the work in consultation with IRT and Facilities.

Major Renovations: Major renovations refer to significant improvements in technology and facilities resources. Although there are improvements to facilities, these generally do not include new walls, HVAC, or plumbing.  The work in major renovations is primarily performed by IRT and Facilities, though portions may be outsourced to external parties as needed.

Technology Refresh: The goal of the technology refresh processes is to sustain existing levels of services and technology in learning spaces.  This includes repairing, replacing, and updating technology resources.

Service Tools: Services for users of learning spaces is fully integrated in the IRT Service Center model.  Several key tools for supporting learning spaces have been implemented

  1. A dedicated hot-line has been established for responding to learning space issues: 278-7337 option 1. 
  2. A web accessible Learning Space Inventory database has been developed to facilitate room scheduling and inventory management and control 
  3. A Learning Space Prioritization database has been developed for facilitating transparent, cooperative, and data-driven decision making.
  4. A centralized network control system for managing learning space technology remotely has been implemented to shorten response times, identify problems proactively, and reduce costs by scheduling shutdowns and maintenance.

Design Standards: IRT has worked with campus partners to establish campus-wide learning space design standards.