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New Construction

Del Norte Hall

DLN 1010

The Del Norte Hall project resulted in new offices for Human Resources, seven new classrooms for the College of Continuing Education, a SCALE-Up style room, and the largest lecture hall on campus.

DLN 1010

SCALE-Up stands for Student Centric Active Learning Environment. This room contains the campus standard instructor podium and presentation system. It also contains five collaboration pods with moveable tables and chairs and Smartboards with projectors. CSU faculty have published a set of findings demonstrating improved student achievement results using problem-based learning in this room.

DLN 1004

At 214 seats, this is the largest lecture space on campus. This room contains the campus standard instructor podium and presentation system with dual HD screens for unimpaired visibility.

Folsom Hall

Tiered Seating

The Folsom Hall project resulted in a new nursing department facility, numerous specialized nursing classrooms, four lecture spaces, three computer labs, and several informal learning spaces.   

Two-thirds of the first floor of the recently acquired Folsom Hall were re-constructed. Each of the learning spaces has specific features unique to the campus. All classrooms and labs conform to our campus-wide design standards and have a smart podium and presentation system. 

The project has been a resounding success.  The learning spaces and the unique features within them have experienced heavy and consistent use from day one.

FLS 1050 & 1063

These rooms hold 125 fixed seats each in a tiered, tablet-arm configuration, making them the fifth largest rooms on campus. The unique feature in these rooms is that every other row of seats rotates. This facilitates group work, even while supporting larger lectures. Power is also provided to each seat for student laptops. The picture above demonstrates the simultaneous use of the space for lecture and group work.  

Tiered Seating

FLS 1029 & 1033:

These rooms are 50 seat computer labs that can be co-joined by retracting a dividing wall. The resulting 100 seat lab is the largest instructional computing lab on campus. The computers are housed in multi-function furniture that allows students to make use of the built-in PC or put the monitor away and use their own laptop or pen and paper. Power is provided for laptops at each station.  The picture to the left demonstrates how these spaces facilitate multiple learning styles simultaneously.

FLS 1049:

With 80 seats, this room is the largest room on campus with tables and chairs.  The tables and chairs are on wheels and can easily be moved to facilitate group work and alternative layouts.

FLS 1051:

This room holds forty tablet arm chairs. These chairs are on wheels and can be nested in order order to facilitate group activities and alternative layouts.

Specialized Nursing Spaces:

Nursing Areas

Many of the Nursing Department instructional spaces look like a real hospital, with beds, manequins, nursing desks, and medical equipment. They are also infused with technology resources for learning.  Each room includes an instructor presentation system.  The High-Tech labs contain instructor controlled simulation manequins that students interact with as if they were patients. These interactions are recorded and reviewed in debriefing rooms with the instructor and/or the student's colleagues.

Informal Learning Spaces:

Public Areas

Four major congregation areas outside of the classrooms were designed to facilitate informal individual and group learning.  These areas include lounge furniture, white boards, moveable tables and chairs, and flat panel monitors for connecting student laptops. The use in these areas has exceeded expectations both in terms of quantity and diversity.  These spaces are serving as models for future planning and design for informal learning spaces across campus.