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Major Renovations


Winter Break 2015-2016

The IRT Learning Space Services team was hard at work refreshing learning spaces over Winter Break 2015-2016!

3 classrooms were refreshed as follows:

Benecia Hall 1025, Sequoia Hall 301, and Sequoia Hall 316 were refreshed with new classroom technology. New podiums, touch panels, VGA and HDMI laptop connections, document cameras, and laser projectors were installed in these classrooms.

2 Computer Labs were refreshed as follows:

AIRC 2004 received a refresh of 91 new all-in-one type Lenovo computers and 8 new Apple iMac computers.

LIB 2000 received a refresh of 91 Dell computers and 4 Apple iMac computers.

 More information and pictures of Learning Space Services Winter 2015-2016 Projects can be found here.

Winter Break 2015-2016

Learning Space Services Winter Break 2015-2016

Winter Break 2015-2016

Three classrooms were refreshed with new mid-sized podiums and updated technology.

Winter Break 2015-2016

New Control Touch Panel/Cable Cubbies.

Winter Break 2015-2016

Classroom Projectors: Panasonic laser projectors.

Winter Break 2015-2016

Benicia 1025, Sequoia 301, and Sequoia 316 received technology refreshes this winter.

Winter Break 2015-2016

AIRC 2004 computer lab received a refresh of tiny all-in- one type Lenovo PCs and an additional 4 Apple iMacs.

Winter Break 2015-2016

LIB 2000 computer lab received a refresh of Dell Pcs and an additional 4 Apple iMacs.

Winter Break 2015-2016

Monitor sliders were installed in rooms to improve whiteboard visibility.

Summer Break 2015

Learning Space Services was busy transforming learning spaces across campus this summer, including both classrooms and computer labs.

14 classrooms were renovated as follows:

Douglass Hall 207 and 208 was combined into one Advanced Smart Media Type classroom serving 55 students with new flexible wheeled tablet arm chairs.

Brighton Hall 201 received a hybrid renovation with a wall mounted media cabinet housing laptop connections, and a large flat panel display mounted above the existing chalkboards, keeping them in view rather than blocked by a projection screen

The following 11 classrooms were renovated to the Intermediate Smart Media Type:

Alpine Hall 148, Amador Hall 260, Amador Hall 217, Eureka Hall 106, Eureka Hall 111, Yosemite Hall 119, Yosemite Hall 135, Douglass Hall 105, Riverside Hall 1008, Riverside Hall 1010, and Tahoe Hall 1027.   New carpeting and paint were added features to these rooms this summer.

AIRC 1010 received an Advanced Smart Media Type upgrade and was transformed to a flexible collaborative learning space.  The renovation included a new ceiling microphone system, new flexible wheeled tables and chairs,  6 collaboration stations with large displays, and media cabinets containing a PC,  and both VGA and HDMI laptop connections. 

4 Computer Labs were refreshed as follows:

Mendocino Hall 2003 and Mendocino Hall 2007 received new “Hideaway” desks and new chairs.   With the new Hideaway desks, these instructional labs have the ability to function as a computer lab and as a standard lecture space with the computer monitors stowed.

AIRC 2004 received new computer tables and the project rooms were outfitted with new collaborative style furniture; large displays and technology; and whiteboards.

The ARC 2004 Project Rooms were transformed into modern collaborative small group work spaces with new tables, laptop cables, PC’s, large displays and whiteboards.

AIRC 1016 received a refresh of all new Lenovo computers.

 More information and pictures of Learning Space Services Summer 2015 Projects can be found here.



Winter Break 2014-2015

The Learning Space Services team transformed three learning spaces over Winter Break 2014-2015.  Brighton Hall 210, Brighton Hall 214 and Alpine Hall 218 were upgraded to the Intermediate Smart Media Type classrooms.  These rooms now feature a mid-sized fixed podium with our new Sacramento State  Branding. The podiums include a control panel, a PC, both VGA and HDMI laptop connection cables, a document camera, projector, speakers, and screen.  This round of renovations included new carpet, white boards, and a fresh coat of paint in these learning spaces.

Following is a link to pictures and descriptions of the Learning Space Services Winter Break 2014-2015 projects:  Winter Break 2014-2015.  

Summer Break 2014

The Learning Space Services team was busy this summer renovating learning spaces across campus.  Highlights for our team this summer included renovating 19 classrooms, three of which were transformed to new collaborative style learning spaces. 

The 19 summer classroom renovations included 16 classrooms renovated to the Intermediate Smart Technology Classroom Media Type.  Three of these renovations occurred in smaller classrooms where new mini podiums were installed. We are experimenting with using a smaller footprint podium in some of the smaller classrooms that do not easily accommodate a standard size podium.  Whiteboards replaced chalkboards, new bright laser projectors, smart podiums, screens, and speakers were all part of these classroom renovations.   Three additional classrooms were renovated into Collaborative Style Smart Classrooms. These learning spaces accommodate small group collaboration with large monitors, laptop connections, and PCs at each station along with movable furniture that accommodates various classroom formations. The classrooms that were upgraded this summer are:

Intermediate Smart Technology Media Type Classrooms

Alpine Hall 144, Alpine Hall 227, Amador Hall 151, Amador Hall 152, Brighton Hall 202, Brighton Hall 208, Calaveras Hall 123, Calaveras Hall 145, Douglas Hall 206, Eureka Hall 104, Eureka Hall 107, Mariposa Hall 1002, Mendocino 1024, Riverside Hall 1012, Tahoe Hall 1007, Tahoe Hall 1025.

Collaborative Style Smart Classrooms

ARC 3006, Eureka Hall 320, Eureka Hall 313E

Following is a link to pictures and descriptions of the Learning Space Services summer projects: Summer Break 2014.   


Winter Break 2013-2014

Over Winter Break 2013-2014, 12 classrooms were renovated to one of our recently added Classroom media types,  Intermediate Smart Technology.  These rooms feature a smart podium with a touch control panel, a PC (includes a DVD drive), a VGA laptop connection, projector, and screen.  A new feature, an HDMI laptop cable, was added to these podiums and will become part of our classroom standard design going forward.  The projectors in these rooms were also replaced with new bright laser projectors that do not require lamp changes, run at a cooler temperature, have an overall longer life, and have the convenient feature of being able to be turned on and off quickly.  Whiteboards were placed in rooms that did not previously have them.   The upgrade to the Intermediate classroom type is primarily a technology upgrade and, therefore, did not include other environmental room upgrades, such as carpeting, board lights, window treatments, etc. that are included in the Advanced Smart Technology media type. The following rooms were renovated: Alpine Hall 232, Alpine Hall 235, Amador Hall 309, Eureka Hall 315, Library 4021, Mariposa Hall 1012, Mariposa Hall 1014, Mariposa Hall 1016, Mendocino Hall 2009, Riverside Hall 2010, Sequoia Hall 325, Solano Hall 2000. Following is a link to pictures of the classroom upgrades: Winter Break 2013-2014 Classroom upgrade pictures.

Summer 2013

Completing 22 classrooms upgrades, IRT Classroom Services took a new approach to some of the classroom renovations.  With one Advanced Smart Technology renovation taking place in DH 209 where two rooms were combined into a larger more comfortable learning space, a new media level, Intermediate Smart Technology upgrades were completed in 21 other classrooms this summer.  These rooms now feature a smart podium with a control panel, a PC (includes a DVD drive), a laptop connection, projector, and screen.  

DH 209’s Advanced Smart Technology upgrade include a new laser projector, speakers, ceiling document camera, a podium with the latest technology and room upgrades including a new ceiling, new paint, sound treatments, window treatments and carpet.

Classrooms renovated to the new Intermediate Smart Technology media level are: ALP 122, ALP 156, AMD 308, AMD 219, AMD 314, BRH 104, BRH 110, BRH 204, DH 110, EUR 105, EUR 108, EUR 113, EUR 320, HMB 109 (includes a document camera), SQU 443 (includes a laptop at the science counter and a ceiling document camera), LIB 3021, MRP 1010, MRP 2030, MND 3009, SHS 240 and TAH 1003.




DH 209

DH 209 Old DH 209 New

DH 110

DH 110 old DH 110


Summer 2011

This phase included the renovation of 12 classrooms: AMD 150, 153; DH 106, 213; EUR 109, 112; HMB 202; MND 1015, 4000, 4004, 4008; and YSM 127.  Experience and feedback from the first phase and our Folsom Hall project informed this project.  For example, projector screens were moved to the side and angled towards students so that more white-board space is available when the screen is down.  Lighting controls and types were improved and simplified. Podiums were designed with electric lifts to better facilitate faculty of different heights, improve accessibility, and allow the podium to be lowered out of the line of sight.  Sound systems were also improved with more powerful and robust equipment. Survey results have been overwhelmingly positive for this project as well.




AMD 150

AMD 150 Old AMD 150 New

HMB 202

HMB 202 HMB 202


Summer 2009

This phase included the renovation of 18 classrooms: ALP 204, 236; ARC 3004, 3006, 3009; DH 212; MND 1003, 1005, 2007, 3011, 3013; LIB 65; MRP 1000, 1001; RVR 1015; SLN 2002; and SQU 338, 456.  These spaces are some of the larger rooms on campus.  This renovation addressed 1559 student seats, or 16% of the campus-wide available seats. The survey results from these renovations were overwhelmingly positive. Feedback from this survey was used to make improvements in ensuing renovations.




DH 212

DH 212 Old SQU 338 New

Typical Podium

Podium Old Podium New