Saclink for Sponsored or Guest Accounts

What is a sponsored or guest account?

Sacramento State provides sponsored accounts. Sponsored accounts provide custom access to services and resources depending on need and requirements. All sponsored account types, require campus approval and sponsorship.

The five types of sponsored accounts are listed below.

  • Guest accounts are used for visiting faculty or staff, vendors, or other third parties that have an academic or business relationship with the campus. Guest accounts have a defined start and end date and require Dean or AVP approval.
  • Positional accounts are used for student workers. These accounts allow program centers and colleges to create 'pernament' accounts for specific positions.
  • Generic accounts are SacLink accounts used for miscellaneous testing or office purposes. These accounts must be requested by an active Faculty or Staff Member. Generic accounts have a specifies start and end date and do not have wireless or VPN privileges.
  • Administrative accounts are used for managing technical resources on campus. These accounts allow system administrators and other technical support personal to securely manage their systems by eliminating the use of standard personal SacLink accounts.
  • Service accounts are domain accounts used for running system processes, jobs, an authenticating connections between systems,
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How do I request an account?

To request an account, go to and click on the form of your choice. Print and fill out the form have it signed by the appropriate AVP or Dean. Once the form is complete, send or bring it to the IRT Service Desk, AIRC 2005. Upon receipt of the form, a service ticket will be created to ensure your request is processed. For any questions please call the IRT Service Desk at 916.278.7337.

How long does it take to process my guest account request?

The standard proccessing time is three to five business days on all account requests. If you need an expedited account, please contact the IML (Identity Management Lead).