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Camtasia Studio is a screen capture and video editing software available for use at the TLC Media and Captioning Project rooms located at AIRC 3012. Camtasia Studio's built in captioning feature can be used to combine your original video and the caption files you recieved from CaptionSync Service to produce a captioned video.

How to Combine Video and Captions in Camtasia

Before we begin we have to verify that we have our caption file(s) in a format that Camtasia accepts. We can upload .SRT or .SMI caption files into Camtasia along with our video. CaptionSync will provide these caption formats to you if you specified them in your settings on your account upon uploading your video for captioning. Please see How to Obtain .SRT Files from CaptionSync for more information.

Importing Video and Captions In Camtasia - An Overview

  1. Open Camtasia Studio and import your video file.
  2. Navigate within Camtasia to the Captions feature and Import Caption file (.srt or .smi file).
  3. Double check to make sure that the Captions look the way you want them to.
  4. Produce the video.
  5. Place produced files in appropriate location e.g. media server, USB drive, SacCT course etc and create a link for the video so that students can access.

Please read the manual titled Captioning in Camtasia Studio for detailed steps.

Editing Scenario For .SAMI File

If you notice that when you upload your .SRT or .SAMI caption files to Camtasia that they are not spaced correctly, please follow the steps below. Please note that .SAMI files can be edited within Wordpad, while .SRT files cannot (use notepad).

  • To fix this issue, you will need to access the .SAMI file.
  • Open the .SAMI file within Wordpad and proceed to click "CTRL +F" which will open the Find box.
  • One of the tabs on the top should say, "Find & Replace." Under the find section, put in "<br>" and in the replace section, simply hit the SpaceBar.
  • After you have clicked on Find & Replace all, you will Save this .SAMI file and re-upload it into Camtasia Studio.

Create or Copy and Paste a Transcript in Camtasia

You can also create or copy and paste your own transcription for the video using the captioning feature in Camtasia. Additionally, use the Speech-to-Text feature in Camtasia Studio 7.1  to make the process of adding captions quicker.

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