Video Captioning Checklist

Need Assistance?

For Captioning help please email us at:

  1. I've registered for a captioning account through CaptionSync.
  2. My video is in a format that CaptionSync accepts for upload. (See Video Scenarios)
  3. I've uploaded my video(s) for captioning and I'm aware that captioning can take 3 business days or more to get captioned files (.srt/.smi) back from CaptionSync.
  4. I've read and followed instructions on how to use Camtasia Studio to combine my video and caption file to produce my captioned video.
  5. I've placed my captioned video and all necessary files in a location from where I can show video effectively.

Reviewing Caption Files

You may find that you need to edit a caption file because a name or term was spelled incorrectly or the video region on the video player does cuts off part of the video. If this is the case please see how to review your caption files.