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Here, you can view a video tutorial on how to Upload a Video to DocSoft. However, you can also read the instructions below as well.

Prepare Videos to Upload

Before you upload your videos to Docsoft, you will need to do the following:

  1. Make sure that your video is in a format that can be uploaded to Docsoft. Review Video Formats for Docsoft.
  2. Upload your videos/audio files to a the campus media server. If you do not have a media server directory, fill out the Media Server Online Form to set one up. The Media Server provides a safe location to store and stream video from. A short tutorial on how to Upload Your Videos to the Media Server can be found here.
  3. Video content should be converted to Real Media/Real Video/Real Audio format if you plan on streaming video from the media server. Download the free Real Converter to convert video formats into real video/media. The FSRC has real converter installed at all computer stations.

Upload Videos

With Docsoft you can upload a video/audio file along with a text transcript you have created or upload video/audio files on their own. Your video/audio files will be processed within minutes. To begin uploading video to Docsoft:

  1. Log-in to your Docsoft Account with your username and password (created at registration).
  2. Click on the Upload AV File Link or Upload button.
  3. For Speaker Profile, select System Standard.
  4. For Speaker Vocabulary, select General.
  5. In the AV File to Upload, browse for the video/audio on your computer.
  6. Under Additional/Related Text, select None if you do not have a transcript to upload with video/audio file or select Exact Transcript or Related Document if you do have a transcript. (Must be in text .txt format).
  7. If you selected Exact Transcript or Related Document, under Text File browse for the transcript on your computer.
  8. Click the Submit button or select the Submit and Add Another button if you wish to upload more videos.

Read the Uploading Video to Docsoft quickguide for detailed steps.

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