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A video tutorial on how to Export Files from DocSoft is available for viewing. You can also view the instructions below in order to accomplish the same task.

Once you have uploaded video to Docsoft, a transcript or caption files will be ready for you to export within minutes. Within your Docsoft Account, choose from 10 transcript types to export. Each transcript type works for a specific video format e.g. Real Text is a caption format for Real Media video.

Transcript files will be 100% accurate if you used your own transcript when uploading your video. Transcripts may need further editing using the Docsoft Transcript Editor installed at the Faculty Staff Resource Center Project rooms, if you uploaded video on it's own with no transcript. Watch the Export Transcript Files video tutorial to learn how.

View Processed Files

To view the videos that have been processed:

  1. Click on the View Files link.
  2. The View Files page will display all the video files that have been processed. You may have to browse through the list to find your file.
  3. The Status column will indicate if the video is still being processed or if it has been completed.

Export Files

Once your video has been processed you can export the native transcript to further edit it in the Docsoft Transcript Editor or export caption files for use with specific video formats.

Exporting a Native Transcript

The native transcript is a file that can be edited using the Docsoft Transcript Editor sofware installed at the FSRC Media and Captioning Project Rooms (AIRC 3012 A/B). This software displays the transcript and video together so that you can edit it more easily. To download the native transcript:

  1. Click on the View Files link.
  2. Under the File column, locate the name of your video.
  3. Click on the Transcript Download icon located next to your file. You will be prompted to open or save the file. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Please Note: You will need to use the Transcript Editor at FSRC project rooms to edit this file.

Exporting Caption Files

If you do not wish to edit the transcript generated by DocSoft or if you uploaded your video with an accurate transcript, then  you will need to export the caption files for the video format you are using:

  1. Click on the View Files Link.
  2. Under the File column, locate the name of your video.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the video(s) you need to export captions files for.
  4. Click on the Export Transcript(s) button.
  5. On the Transcript Results page, select the Transcript type needed e.g. RealText for .rm video.
  6. The Transcript Style Option will default to System Default.
  7. Click on the Finish button.
  8. If you are exporting captions for one video, you will be prompted to open or save the caption file. If exporting captions for more than one video, caption files will appear as links for you to click on to download. Click on the link to the caption file to download to your computer.
  9. If captioning real media video, be sure to move the caption files to your media server directory along with the video.


View and Export Transcript

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