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Upload Videos to CaptionSync

Once you have registered and recieved your captioning account information, go to the CaptionSync website and log-in to begin uploading video. If you have not done so yet, be sure to obtain copyright release for any applicable media before you upload to CaptionSync.

Watch TutorialCaptioning Login - AST

Video Upload Instructions

  1. Log into your CaptionSync Account.
  2. Click on the New Captioning Submission Tab (if not already on the page).
  3. Click the Advanced Settings Link to specify the caption file outputs you need. See the Video Captioning Scenarios to see recommendations on caption files for different video input formats.
  4. QuickGuide: How to Obtain Caption File Outputs (QuickGuide specifically focuses on .SRT files, but method can be used for any other files)
  5. Enter a description for the video, select the type of service needed (I need this program transcribed as part of the transcription and captioning bundle or I have my own text transcript) and specify the video location by browsing for the video.
  6. Press the Start Upload button. Wait for the request to be processed. Processing may take a few seconds to minutes depending on the size of your video. Review the submission confirmation message.

Download Caption Files

When caption files are ready, you will receive an email alert to the email you used to register your account. The caption file output formats you receive will be the formats you indicated under the Advanced Settings dialog box when uploading your video(s).

Watch Download Caption Files Tutorial

Caption File Download Instructions

From Email:

The alert email may already have the caption files attached for you to download. If so, download the files directly from your email to the same location where your video is saved.

From Captioning Account:

  1. Log-in to your CaptionSync Account
  2. Click on the Status of Existing Submissions Tab. The Submissions History page displays.
  3. Locate the Video Submission of interest and click on its AST ID link. The Submission Details page will display.
  4. The caption files for download will display in the Returned Files area. Click on the link to each file you want to download and save it to your computer, media server directory or other appropriate location.
  5. Review caption files for accuracy. If content needs to be edited or submitted for a re-do please see section below.

I have my caption files, what do I do next? See how to use Camtasia Studio to combine your video with the caption file  section below to get your captioned video.

Combine Video and Captions Using Camtasia Studio

Using the .SRT/.SMI caption file you received from CaptionSync, you can use Camtasia Studio software to add the caption file to your original video and produce a captioned video that you can distribute by the methods listed in the next step, Show Captioned Video.

Combine Video and Captions Using Amara

Amara is a free and open source captioning, subtitling, and translating tool that helps make your videos more accessible. Go to to learn more. With Amara you can also use the .srt you received from CaptionSync to automatically upload your captions for you. Amara accepts other file formats such as:

Amara acceptable file formats to upload subtitles

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