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Show Captioned Video

There are many ways you can make a captioned video available to your students/viewers. Some of these include:

  • Show video from a SacCT Course
  • Show video from a Website
  • Show video in class from a DVD/CD/USB Drive
  • Show video from a Campus computer

Show Captioned Video

For a detailed guide on how to Show Captioned Video from a SacCT Course, a Website, in class from a DVD/CD/USB Drive or from a campus computer, please access the Quickguide below.

Quickguide: Sharing Your Produced Video.

Show Video In Class From a DVD/CD/USB

To show the video in class using a USB, simply plug your USB into your computer and copy and paste the entire production folder, or the .rt, .rm. and .smil files into your USB. When you get to class, load up your USB and simply click on the .html file that is in your production folder and the video will load automatically within your Internet browser on your computer.

For showing via CD, make sure you burn the production folder you produced in Camtasia or the .rt, .rm, .smil files onto a Data CD, which operates very similarly to a USB – all you need is to copy and paste the previously mentioned files onto the CD. Load the CD on your class computer and click the .html file (or .smil file) within the production folder and it will show on your Internet browser.

Show Video From a SacCT Course

Within SacCT you can upload your finished captioned video to your course for students or anyone else who has access to your SacCT to view. You will need to be the instructor of the course or have build/edit permissions within a SacCT course in order to be able to upload files, however, assuming you are the  course instructor, you should already have build/edit permissions by default.

  • Within your SacCT Home Page,go to your course menu on  the left hand Navigation, under “Course Management,” click on “Files.” Under Files, there will be another link, which you will need to click on.
  • Once you have clicked on the link, you will be lead to the “Course Files.” Here you can Upload your captioned video files.
  • Click on the box titled, “Upload,” and it will drop down to “Upload Files.” Once you have Browsed for the appropriate folder in which all the Captioned files are located, click “Submit.”
  • Return back to “Course Files,” and you should see your newly uploaded folder. Next, in order to actually post the video onto SacCT, go to “Course Material.”
  • Under “Build Content,” click, “File.” Click “Browse Course,” an additional window will open and will look similar to the “Course Files” page.
  • Navigate to the folder which includes your captioned video and click on the “.html” file and then finally click “Submit.”Enter in the “Name” you want viewed by the students, set your Standard Options and click “Submit” on the bottom of the page.
  • Return back on the Course Material page, and scroll through until you find your file you just uploaded, click the name and the .html file will open on another tab.

Create Links to Captioned Real Media Video

If you wish to post a video to a website or SacCT course and your video will be streamed from the campus media server, this will entail you to create links to your videos to be used to stream videos from the server or to embed videos into your website.

Download and read the Produce a Captioned Real Media Video Quickguide which provides instructions on how to create hyperlinks that point to the captioned videos streamed from your media server folder. Find more information on how to create a hyperlink to your captioned video by reading the following pages: 

Captioning Self-Service Home