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Edit Transcript Files

In order to produce a captioned video using the transcript you recieved from Docsoft, you will need to edit the transcript file, export a caption file and use Camtasia studio to put video and captions together.

A video tutorial on How to Edit the Transcript in the DocSoft Transcript Editor is available. Also, below are the written instructions.


If your transcript is not 100% accurate you can edit it by:

  1. Exporting the transcript in .txt Text format and editing it in Notepad or WordPad and re-upload the video along with the edited transcript to Docsoft to produce an accurate file.
  2. Another option is to download the native transcript .transcript and edit this using the Docsoft Transcript Editor installed at the Technology Learning Center Media and Captioning Project Rooms.

Docsoft Transcript Editor - Edit Transcript

Before you can use the Transcript Editor, we recommend that you read through the Docsoft Transcript Editor User Manual and the Keyboard Shortcuts to work in the editor. Contact the Technology Learning Center to set up a meeting to be trained by one of our Captioning Student Staff at 278-6112 or via email at


Camtasia Studio has a built in captioning feature which can be used to caption your videos during the production process. You can also use the Speech-to-Text feature in Camtasia Studio 7.1  to make the process of adding captions quicker. Record and caption your videos in Camtasia at the TLC Media and Captioning Project rooms located at AIRC 3012 and which are equipped with Camtasia Studio and other video and captioning tools.

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