Captioning on YouTube

YouTube can be a great resource for videos of instructional related content. If posting or sharing videos from YouTube, ensure that they are Closed Captioned. The following sections provide resources and/or recommendations to ensure they are captioned.

Searching for Closed Captioned CC Video on YouTube

The following is a video depicting the process on how to filter your searches when using YouTube so that only Closed Captioned video results are returned. To do a search, type your search phrase in the search bar followed by the letters CC to obtain videos that contain closed captions.

Viewing Videos with Captions on YouTube

There are several options available to you when viewing a captioned video on YouTube such as: turning captions on or off,  using the interactive transcript, changing caption language, etc. See the link below to get started:

Captioning Video in YouTube

YouTube offers an easy to use Captions feature that enables you to add closed captions to your videos by uploading a text transcript or caption file. If uploading a text transcript you created, YouTubes Auto-Timing feature will generate the captions for your video.See the tutorial linked below to learn how.

External Tools to Caption Videos for YouTube

If you do not have a text transcript or caption file for a video you plan on uploading to YouTube, check out the free online tool called CaptionTube you can use to create captions; no software download is necessary with CaptionTube. See CaptionTube Help page for more information on how to get started.

Automatic Captions Feature

YouTube offers a feature called automatic captions that allows you to produce machine generated captions for some videos available on YouTube. Although not 100% accurate, automatic captions are an option for captioning videos. Watch the tutorial below to learn about automatic captions.