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Positional Accounts

Positional accounts are SacLink accounts for use by part-time student workers. These accounts allow program centers and colleges to create ‘permanent’ accounts for a specific positions. Advantages of this account type is that it allows a department to publish a constant email address and establish an account authorization (file share, access to applications) that does not need to be changed when the position is vacated. When a student employee leaves a position, the campus sponsor changes the password. The password is changed again with the arrival of a new student employee. The new student has access to all the old email history, file shares and applications that they require to perform their duties. Positional accounts have a name format of: <org>-<descriptor>.

These accounts must be requested by an active Faculty or Staff.  These accounts must be reviewed annually for appropriate use.

Sponsored Positional Account Request Form:

Steps / Requirements

  1. Fill out the request form online.
  2. Print the account request form and sign it.
  3. Send the completed form to the Identity Management Group.
  4. Standard processing time is three to five working days on all account requests.

If you need the account sooner please contact the Identity Management Lead at X87635 or