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Boston Univ. Student Fined US $675,000 for Filesharing (July 31 & August 3, 2009) Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum has been fined US $675,000 for illegally downloading 30 songs and making them available to others.  The jury found Tenenbaum guilty of willful copyright infringement and imposed a US $22,500 fine for each song, significantly less than the maximum allowable fine of US $150,000 per song.  Tenenbaum's defense was dealt a major blow when the judge in the case issued a pre-trial ruling that disallowed Tenenbaum's planned "fair use" argument.  Tenenbaum has asked that people not make donations to help him, saying he will declare bankruptcy if his appeal is unsuccessful.  Money already donated will be paid to his legal team, many of whom worked for no pay.