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[Update1]UC Irvine ID Theft Caused By UnitedHealthCare Data Breach

By Adam Dodge - Posted on June 3rd, 2008
Quick Facts
Date: 6/3/2008
Institution: University of California, Irvine
Type of Incident: Employee Fraud (updated)
Number Affected: 1,132
Source: Pogo Was Right
Abstract Source: ComputerWorld
Update1 Source: The Mercury News
A large number of ID theft crimes affecting University of California, Irvine medical students has been traced back to a data breach at UnitedHeathCare. A total of 1,132 current and former graduate students enrolled in the university's graduate student health insurance program could fall victim to tax scam. So far, 155 of these students have had criminals file false tax returns in the students name an collect the refunds. Only those students enrolled in the insurance program in 2006-2007 are affected. The University of California, Irvine has setup a web site - - to answer questions about this incident.
Police have arrested a Fort Worth, Texas man in connection with the ID theft crimes affected UC Irvine students. Authorities allege that Micheal Tyrone Thomas stole a file containing UC Irvine student information while working for UnitedHealthcare. According to a UnitedHealthcare statement, the company is "outraged that a former employee may have illegally accessed information regarding certain University of California, Irvine, students and may have used the information for criminal purposes" and UnitedHealthcare is working with authorities on the case.
Not Guilty Plea in San Francisco Network Hijacking Case (July 21, 2008)
The network administrator accused of hijacking the city of San Francisco's computer network has pleaded not guilty. The Department of Telecommunication Information Services (DTIS) has not been able to gain access to the network hardware since the incident occurred. The administrator has worked for DTIS for several years.